Home Inspection vitals: Electric, Plumbing and Gas systems

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Just as a Human Being has vital signs.....so does a  Residential Home. The electric system, plumbing system

and gas systems serve as the vitals signs of a residential home. If these systems are in usuable working

condition. A home buyer can feel confident that the life of the home.....will be satisfactory.  Not to say that these

systems alone determine the quality of the residence. Just as Human Beings have bones....another critical system

of a residence is the structure. Do you get the analogy ?  When I inspect a home Im looking and asking the

the patient (residence) to speak to me. Show me your vitals.....Show me your strengths and weakness. Then I

carefully document the condition and make recommendations and referals to the proper Professionals if nec-

essary.  So please Home Buyers and Realtors. Take the time to hire a qualified Home Inspector.



David Nasser


ICC California Certified Residential & Commercial Building Inspector #800316

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors #Nachi06032374





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