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Government Gifts......

It is a crisp March morning as I make my way to the office in Falmouth, MA, where I List and Sell Real Estate. ( I had a discussion with one of my clients last evening regarding the need to have some windows replaced in a property that I am Selling, and I was pleased to be able to review some of the new Tax Credits, now available in 2009 and extended through 2010.

If you plan to make some home repairs, upgrade mechanical systems, or even buy a new car, let me direct you to 2 Internet sites that you might find interesting. First we have Alliance to Save Energy at Here you will find an easy to read outline of the new tax credits available from the US government. I also would direct you to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency, where you can select your state and find all the current incentives available from your State government. I would also have you check with your local utility company and see what incentives they are offering, there are many incentives to purchase Energy Star rated appliances, converting Heating Systems and Hot Water Heaters. Leave no stone unturned when considering an investment in your property.

For all homebuyers that might need to factor in the cost of upgrades when making an offer, this information will be helpful. Many of these incentives will have short lives, and like many things, timing is essential.

There are also a number of Mortgage packages that allows you to factor in the cost of repairs and construction if you need to have a new roof, new kitchen, upgrade systems, and I highly suggest that you investigate these opportunities while speaking with your Lender. Here in Conway Country, our Conway Financial Services representative can fully explain the programs available. Kathleen Hallam, a member of the Falmouth Office team, is available at, and would love to review those programs that you might qualify for.

Selling and Listing Real Estate is more than just knowing about a property and which room is the kitchen, it involves Tax issues, Financing options and having the knowledge to offer the best service I can to my clients. I am available at  and I would love to hear from you.

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