Relocating to Spring Texas? 10 things you need to know

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If you are thinking of moving to Spring Texas there are things you need to know. Things Rick (my husband and fellow Prudential Gary Greene Realtor) and I eventually learned on our own but want to share with you.

10 Things you need to know before moving to Spring Texas:

gringos-mexican-kitchen-in-spring-texas1.  No Downtown. Spring Texas is an unincorporated area of Harris County which means there is no actual city of Spring.  We do have Old Town Spring which is a quaint area of 200 shops but it is not what you would expect a downtown area of city to be.

2.  Our areas blend together.  Where Houston TX ends Spring TX begins. And without a "Welcome to Spring TX" sign, you never knew you just left one city and entered another. The areas blending together hold true for other areas too as where Spring TX ends either Cypress, Tomball, the Woodlands, or Humble begins dependent only upon the direction you are heading.

3.  No state income tax. Its true, Texas does not have a state income tax. And since we do not have a state income tax, our Spring Texas schools are funded by local real estate taxes. So in comparison to other states, Texas real estate taxes are high

4.  A Mexican restaurant, nail shop, and dry cleaner in every shopping center.  I don't know if it is because of a tenant mix requirement for shopping centers or not.  But if you like Margaritas, polished nails, and clean clothes, you will find some of the best and cheapest prices in Spring Texas.

5.  Fire Ants.  You will always remember your first encounter with fire ants. Because within minutes of your stepping on a fire ant mound, the stinging and itching sensation caused by these pesky ants will have you saying words that shouldn't be said out loud.  Your best defense against fire ants is to apply Over'n Out twice a year to your yard. 

6.  Home prices 20% to 30% below national home prices. Balanced supply and demand coupled with lower construction costs makes the Spring Texas real estate market extremely attractive. Your housing dollar will stretch far and you will be amazed with the lifestyle you can afford.    

7.  No Zoning Laws. Translation - anything can and has been built to anything else. What your home backs up to, fronts, or sides, impacts your home's resale value. Just because you did not mind that your home backed up to an apartment complex or a water storage tank, is no guarantee future buyers will have the same opinion.

8.  Lawn maintenance season goes on and on and on.  Starting in March and continuing through November,  we are whacking weeds, edging, and mowing our lawns. If lawn maintenance is not for you, lawn service companies will gladly do it for you for about $25 a week.

9.  A swimming pool for almost every neighborhood.  No need to join the local YMCA or pay for a season pass to a waterpark with the majority of Spring Texas neighborhoods having their own swimming pool. The swimming pools range from basic to Olympic sized pools, with water slides, wading pool, and splash pads approaching the size of a small waterpark.

10.  Good deodorant is a MUST.  Our summers are long and humid and the best way to make it through them is with a good deodorant. Your first summer will be the roughest. But as your body becomes more accustomed to our climate each passing year will be a little easier on you. 

Looking for a complete resource for Spring Texas real estate information?  You have found it. Have additional questions?  Just Ask.

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