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Another look at Marketing.

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I think that we would all agree that in these challenging times we need to re-think how we are doing business.  As real estate agents we tend to get caught up running the same old ads, in the same places (newspapers, home 'seeker' magazines, ect.) for our listings.  Or if we don't have listings we run ads promoting our services.  But how often do you really stop and look at the return on investment (ROI) for all the marketing you're doing?  Even if it's 'free' marketing, like promoting your website, it still consumes your time.  We have been in Real Estate for over fifteen years, and we've tried just about everything to promote our business.  While some of it was necessary, and did produce some results from the efforts, the ROI was actually terrible.  That's why we developed Hot Realty Leads.  By purchasing leads, it's like only paying for your marketing when it works.  We have been using our system for generating leads for the last eight years and have been able to generate about two escrows for every 10-12 leads that we've contacted.  Obviously sales are a numbers game, and now more than ever it is important to follow-up/follow-through with every opportunity that you get.  But if you are tired of doing business the same old way, and are ready to contact more buyers in your area you should check us out: www.hotrealtyleads.net