Iowa Foreclosures - Finally a site for Agents AND BUYERS

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Well, finally put the finishing touches on!


Built the site to be the ONLY free site on the web that gets real, up-to-date, and FREE information on current Iowa Foreclosure listings to consumers.

Buyers love it because it's REAL data.  No $39.95 a month charge to get a list of foreclosures that already sold 2 months ago. is real, up to date, and still AVAILABLE!

Buyer's agents love it because they get the opportunity to work with buyer's looking for investment property!  Banks have become realistic about housing values, and they will accept reasonable offers.  Many non-bank sellers are still stuck in 2006.  Investors and other buyers take're still probably wasting your time with that offer for 60% of asking price.  Up until recently banks wouldn't budge off of their unwritten '95%' rule.

Lenders love because it not only brings thousands of buyers to their doorstep seeking to unload their REO inventory, but it also brings qualified borrowers seeking to take out loans.  IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT for a a banker.

And finally.......

REO listing agents love because the more exposure a property gets, the faster it sells.  The faster a property sells for, the higher price it typically realizes, and yes listing agents earn incrementally higher commissions.


So....buyers win.  Buyer's Agents win.  Lenders win.  And REO Listing agents win.   check it out today!

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