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The Spring Real Estate Market is upon us-and it did arrive. The phone is ringing! Our DeHOFF office is busy and it feels terrific. We Realtors are out in full force and it is so nice to see everyone literally running through the office halls again- working contracts, hurrying to showing appointments and all the various details that never seem to stop when we are in the Spring market. We had the faith. We hoped it would not pass us by. Like clockwork it arrived by early March.

Is it just the promise of warm sunny days and colorful landscaping coming alive that brings the buyers out? I think that is always part of the allure of considering a home purchase. Spring is a time of renewal and change. In chilly Ohio, we also have had much time to get winter cabin fever within the walls of our homes. We reflect what we love and what we don't love about how we are currently living our life's at home. Lifestyles change-we outgrow our homes and the "need it" and"want it" changes. Life is about change.

This Spring we have a new allure drawing folks to the housing market. It is the terrific interest rates. And for the moment they are even lower than a few days ago. FHA is reported to be at 5.25% on a 30 year fixed mortgage with a credit score of 620 and 3.5% down. FHA can be a great opportunity! I have had many clients choose a FHA loan. Speak to a loan specialist- who knows what your personal situation may allow. If you are shopping in the Stark County, Ohio area and need a lender recommendation-call or email me. I would be happy to share my contacts. My best professional advise is don't start shopping until you make initial contact with a lender. You want to know you are headed in the right direction. Many buyers look at too much or less home than the lender will recommend. And frankly, some folks are not aware of how credit scores now work. What was considered a good score previously is now a fair score. While that sounds harsh, it is really only an adjusted back to the days of old-before the foreclosure crisis. The good news is that housing money is plentiful and is being loaned. It wasn't so long ago that 8% interest was common and 10-20% down payment was expected.

And there's more! For the "first timer" aka the first time home buyer more great news. It is the popular homeownership tax credit that the Federal Government rolled out. How does $8,000. sound? Who is eligible? The true first time home buyer and anyone who has not had ownership interest in a home for a period of 3 years previous to the day of the 2009 purchase. This program will end before the end of 2009, so if you qualify- time for serious thought...seriously! I would be happy to email you the flyer I have on this program. It includes all the details in an easy to understand format. My email: poster@dehoff.com

With all this good news, some sad news: the arrival of the Spring Real Estate market has fooled a few home shoppers because they over thought the home the worked so hard to find...only to let another buyer make the decision for them. The other buyer offered a contract and bid to win! The decision was made for both of them. We DeHoff office Realtors have shared many of those stories the last 2 weeks. Back to shopping they go. Real Estate is local, so do not get too caught up in the national news about destressed home sales. Learn what is happening in your area. In Canton, Ohio/Stark County, Ohio "things are happening". Welcome Spring!

Is it time to move up into your next home? Is it time to stop renting and invest in your future, not your landlords? No matter what your personal situation is, this may be the time to "get moving". Don't look back and say could of and should of. Let's Go Home Shopping!

3/13/09    Pam Oster, DeHOFF REALTOR     www.officialstarkcountyhomes.info    330.936.3480