Green Drinks Part II

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So I attended Green Drinks this past week. Very cool. I can honestly say that this is totally my kind of networking group. No one seemed to couple off like other groups I have attended. Everyone was pretty friendly and I actually met a bunch of local folks. Here's the best part about it. Some people worked for very environmentally friendly companies (Georgia Conservancy, City of Savannah Recycling, etc...), but a large majority were people who were just into certain parts of the green movement. They work in their jobs and try to keep in line with the latest opportunities and trends out there by hanging out with the folks who know this stuff for a living. 


There was no sweeping agenda, just a toast. They made some announcements about what was going on around town and who you could contact to become more involved. That's it. It was simple, fun, cool, exciting and something I will be sure to make a priority. So Savannah, try to attend the next GreenDrinks session. The best thing I learned was that there are many people in Savannah looking to work together to make Savannah better than it has been. And I, for one, can back that...Cheers!

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Hey, great post. Thanks for the information about your area.

Mar 13, 2009 02:03 PM