Short sale with dignity

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You may have requested a loan modification and been told by your bank that it has recomended that you qualify for a short sale, just give me a call. You deserve dignity and care in the handling of your listing. No embarrassing sign will be installed in your yard, discretion and utmost concern for your privacy is ensured.

The process is lengthy and should be discussed at length. Call me today for a confidential meeting to discuss the process. Homes are selling and short sales can succeed, they do not need to be stressful. Your situation is unique.

Short sale simply means I market your home, find a buyer who is willing to pay current market value for your home, we present the buyer's offer to your mortgage holder and request that they accept that offer as payment for your current loan, they pay the costs of sale and your life can move on.

Foreclosure is the result of waiting far into the process, your home can still go onto the market as a short sale to prevent a foreclosure from your credit record.

Banks are more willing to agree to this sort of settlement due to government assistance with this process.

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