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In looking at the current market for homes and town homes for sale in Alto Lakes Golf & CC, I thought it would be interesting to compare the current stats to those reported in Aug, 2008 in Buyers Market in Alto - Aug. 2008 . The number of site built homes, with a full golf membership, currently listed is 110, as compared to 82 in Aug. 2008. The current median listing price for this group is $366,000 as compared to $407,250 back in August.

The median price per sq. foot has dropped to a current price of $169 down from the previous number of $180 / sq. ft. The median listed home size is 1600 sq. ft. as compared to 2256 sq. ft. in August.

There are 26 homes currently listed in Alto with a social membership. The median listing price is $356,000 with a median sq. ft. price of $167. These numbers are down slightly from August, 2008 when the median price was $359,000 and price per sq. ft was $169, for the 23 properties that were listed then.

There are currently 8 town homes and condos listed in Alto. Median price is $288,750 as compared to $399,000 in August. All but one of these properties have a Full Golf Membership.

If you would like to receive a list of all properties for sale in Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club, please email or call or text me at 575-937-5229.

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