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There are many steps in the home selling process. It begins by hiring the right real estate agent. Together you will set the asking price. Next comes preparing the home for sale and then marketing it.

When all those parts come together along with the right market conditions, you should find a qualified and interested buyer. She makes an offer and following negotiations, you settle on a price and conditions of the sale.

But sometimes things don't go so smoothly. Deals fall t hrough for many reasons. Sometimes the buyer cannot secure the necessary funding. Sometimes they get cold feet. Sometimes the home inspection reveals too many problems. What is paramount is how you and your agent handle the turn of events.

Start by contacting other parties who have shown interest in the house. If you were fortunate enough to have two buyers bidding against each other, contact the other party immediately and let them know the property is still available.

If they decline, your REALTOR® should have a file of people who visited about those who seemed especially interested. Reach out to those buyers or their representatives next.

Finally, use your REALTOR®'s professional network to spread the word that the home is still available. He should reach out and let his contacts know that your property is back on the market and likely sell quickly.

When a deal falls through it can definitely take the wind out of your seller's sails. It is only natural to feel a little let down, especially when you thought you had the sale locked up. But the key to moving on is to regroup with your agent, target previously interested parties and get the word out that you are still looking for a buyer.

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Michael Hutchins - Consumer Advocate, Chicago
Michael Hutchins Ent. - Chicago, IL
Hi Regina & Chauncyia.  Welcome to the Rain!  Hope you enjoy it here and keep blogging!
May 14, 2007 07:46 AM
Regina & Chauncyia Wheatley
Century 21 Realty Group I - Lafayette, IN
Thank you Michael for your comment, I realize now that my first blog was way off base!!  As I have read more blogs I think that activerain may be the place for me.  I love to chat and learn new and exciting things.  Each day I ask my children to tell me something I didn't yesterday.  At activerain I learn something new every MINUTE!!
May 30, 2007 02:13 PM