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After giving out so many Staging Reports to clients it was now my turn to put my home on the market and see what staging could do.  First step before listing was to make the "dreaded" list - the Staging Report.  I being a professional stager thought my list was about half the length just because I like to live clutter free. 

We started de-personalizing so others could see beyond my family living there and most importantly, took de-cluttering to the next level.  We cleared out half of all closets, all cabinets and made sure everything was completely neat and tidy.  The laundry room got new baskets for containing detergents and the pantry was tip top with every can turned just perfectly with nothing on the floor to show ample storage.  The house was pristinely clean, cobweb free and had no pet odors (we have three dogs).  But one very important aspect of staging my house was that everything we didn't use on a daily basis was packed away and delivered to a storage unit off premises.  

Doing that took about 3 full days.  We were exhausted yet anxious to get it "show home" perfect for listing and new pictures.   Let's face it; if a Stagers house doesn't sell quickly, I'm in trouble, especially in my own neighborhood where everyone sees my car driving around and knows what I do!

So to make a long exciting story short...we listed with pictures on Wednesday, had 7 showings within a week and had a contract that next Sunday!  I need to mention that the houses around us are on the market several months and going on average at $92.00 a sq. ft. 

Ours sold within a week and a half, at $103.00 a square foot.  I do not say this to brag or pat myself on the back.  I say it so every seller out there can see the importance of staging.  I say it because every back breaking moment and my kids asking everyday if they have to make their bed today is WAY WORTH IT! 

Now if your house in on the market already or plan to list soon, you'll want to get a Staging Report.  Call a professional stager, call Cindy Richter owner of Interior Motiv.  You'll be glad you did!

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