Health Insurance Won’t Pay for L.A.’s “Designer Babies”

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Recently, an L.A. clinic announced that it will be offering services to genetically engineer traits for unborn children, including gender. The fertility treatment is based on a procedure called "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis", or PGD.

PGD has been used primarily to combat disease in young children, and the science of it has now ventured into the stage where it can also be used to control the physical traits of babies. Besides gender, parents can now choose features like eye, hair, and skin color. (The project began with Dr. Jeff Steinberg, who also helped create 1978's "test tube baby.")

Some people are outraged and offended by the science fiction-ish service, calling it "playing God", "selfish", and "creepy." Many people think that the attitude of Hollywood has gone too far. And then there are those who are intrigued, impressed, and even eager to "design" their own perfect baby.

The cost for the procedure costs around $18,000, and is not covered by health insurance (another source of outrage altogether).

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