Myrtle Beach Short Sales

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This week has been so busy with requests for us to list people's Myrtle Beach Short Sales. Our websites are getting more traffic but many people are upside down and need a way out. With the new bailout and banks backing off now is the time to work on short selling your home. We just completed a short sale at the Coral Beach Resort for a corner one bedroom that sold for $135,000. The deals are everywhere and like buses you just have to know which one to hop on. Short Sales are easier to work with now because banks have had over a year to learn how to deal with them however most realtors don't know the first thing about what type of information is required from thier sellers. There is allot of paper work that is necessary for getting the short sale done quickly and effectively.

Both short sales and Myrtle Beach Foreclosures are both on the rise but thier are more buyers in the market than I have seen in over three years. This is going to be the last spring people get to buy properties at fifity cents on the dollar. If you want an oceanfront house or a vacation condo now is the time. Rates are low, property values are at ten year lows, and banks are dropping prices. It's a buyers pariadise.

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