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Western New York Home Inspector says it again…CO Detectors are a Must Have!

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Western New York Home Inspector John Villella, owner of All Pro Home Inspection says it again... working CO Detector are a must have device in your home.

It's been said hundreds of times and we have all heard it before, but having a working CO Detector in your home is just common sense. However, I am always amazed while conducting home inspections daily the amount of homes that do not have this life saving device in the home.  It's a $30 investment for a good CO Detector and can save your life. 

There have been several close calls in Western New York (WNY) this year and sadly even tragedy because of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Unfortunately, even with this issue in the news there are still a large number of people living in homes and apartments who do not have a CO Detector in the property or worse having one present that is so old it no longer operates correctly. 

Here in New York State it's now law that a home seller is required to have a CO Detector installed in the home prior to closing.  Here's the section of the NYS Law:

Subdivision 5-a of Section 378 of the N.Y. Exec. Law, which was added by Chapter 257 of the Laws of 2002, requires that a carbon monoxide detector meeting the manufacture, design and installation standards established by the state fire prevention and building code council shall be installed in every one or two-family dwelling or dwelling accommodation in a condominium or cooperative building that is constructed or offered for sale after November 27, 2002.

Finally, a law that really makes sense and I'm sure lives have been saved because of this law.

Now is the time to purchase your CO Detector and install it so you can have peace of mind.  If you have a detector that operates with batteries make sure you have recently changed the batteries.  As a matter of fact, the rule of thumb is to change these batteries when we change the clocks and hopefully those batteries were changed last week, if not make this a priority this week.

Finally, when was the last time you had your furnace, boiler, hot water heater or any other gas, propane or oil system inspected for proper operation.  If you don't know or if it's over a year ago - now is also the time to have these systems serviced using a qualified technician.    

Western New York Home Inspector John Villella, owner of All Pro Home Inspection, has been providing both residential and commercial property inspection services.  Remember, All Pro Home Inspection is WNY's Home of the Original 200% Home Inspection Satisfaction Guarantee.... call John with any questions at 716-772-2548 or email at john@allprohomeinspection.com.

All Pro Home Inspection is dedicated to providing you "peace of mind" by educating you to understand the condition of your home.  All Pro Home Inspection offers Niagara County home inspection services to not only Niagara County, but to all of Western New York's communities. We understand the stress that is involved in the Buying, Selling, and the Moving process...That is why when your All Pro Home Inspection is complete, you will have...

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