The Small Business Secret Weapon-Virtual Assistants

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Here’s something we hear small business owners say all the time, “I need more office support, but I can’t afford to hire more staff!” One reason those business owners get to that point is that they’ve never considered a Virtual Assistant as a staffing solution.

It comes as a surprise to most of them that a Virtual Assistant can provide the admin support they need without breaking their budgets. Are you in that group? Then hold on as I reveal some facts about the small business secret weapon, the Virtual Assistant.

Let’s approach the issue from the vantage point of a small, one-person accounting services firm. Suppose you’re the owner, and you’ve done a great job of building your clientele. The increased workload, though, has you locked in at the office sixty hours per week.

You probably dread answering your phone messages, reviewing email and doing your own billing, because those tasks take you away from what earns money, namely, providing accounting services. So, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could hand those tasks off to someone who doesn’t require you to rent more space or even do payroll?

That’s the beauty of contracting with an offsite personal assistant like those found at 24/7 Virtual Assistant. She works at her own location, when you need her, and by paying her a set fee per month you can project your staffing costs to the dollar.

Nearly every small business at some point requires staff to do things like billing clients, responding to email, covering the phones or doing market research. Hiring traditional employees may signal your commitment to growth, but it also means paying for benefits, payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance and all the costs associated with personnel.

That’s why it just makes good business sense to allow a personal assistant who works as an independent contractor to take the tasks off your desk that keep you from earning money. With today’s technology, it’s possible to work with your virtual staff by telephone, email or through special client portals such as the one we use at 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Here’s another reason you can’t afford to add to your overhead with full-time employees—that’s what your competition is doing! In almost every field, there’s still time to blast past your competitors by doing the smarter thing, using Virtual Assistants rather than employees.

You’re doing a great job running your business. The fact that you’ve grown beyond your current staff means you’re doing the right things. Now, make another great decision by contracting with a Virtual Assistant to provide the additional support you need.

We even help make that decision easier with our one week, 10-hour free trial. Remember, a well-trained online personal assistant is the secret weapon you need to blow away your competition. Why not be at the forefront of your industry by using that weapon to your greatest advantage?

Cameron Novak
The Homefinding Center - 1000 Palms, CA
Real Estate Broker since 2008

Every time I fill my gas tank with virtual gas, eat a virtual dinner, virtually pay a bill, or have virtually no side effects... things don't go right.

Virtual assistants... virtual Thanks But No Thanks... I'll take the real thing... it pays dividends many times over.

Cameron Novak, Corona Real Estate Agent
Cameron Novak

Corona Short Sale Agent
The Homefinding Center
Corona, California

Mar 16, 2009 05:39 PM