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Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Real Living GreatWest

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  We are reminded of the Irish traditions on this special day.  There are the leprechauns, the shamrocks, and of course the Luck of the Irish. 

What we wonder is could the Luck of the Irish be more attributed to an ability to foresee trends.  For example, in 2004 and 2005, real estate appeared to be on a never-ending cycle of viewing the pot at the end of the rainbow.  It was difficult for us to foresee what was to occur the following year, with the beginning of recession here in Sacramento and across this land.

As all things in business and housing, are measured in cycles, those who have either the luck of the Irish, or the ability to foresee trends, can benefit significantly with decisions about positioning well for the next cycle.

For the astute observer of the business world, this translates to OPPORTUNITY.

Currently, we have housing at amazingly low prices than a couple of years ago.  We have excellent inventory, and interest rates are very reasonable. I see this time as a wonderful window of opportunity for those wishing to wisely place capitol for future growth in real estate investment - and to invoke a little Luck of the Irish!

Although, we may experience another year or so of foreclosure shakeout, it could be a great time to be contrarian in nature, and seize OPPORTUNITY.

Although most of us cannot see the pot at the end of the rainbow, developing the ability to foresee trends, can make a significant difference in the world of housing and business investment, and provides us with the capacity for the collecting of the GREEN!

Written for GreatWest GMAC
by: Myrl Jeffcoat