Are there OTHER Programs out there that do the same thing as The MMA?

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Are there OTHER Programs out there that do the same thing as The Money Merge Account?

Not one. There are Programs that are beneficial, but none of them do exactly what we do.

If you look through the web, search posts made by people in the financial industry on the MMA, you will read many claims, many opinions which are passed off as ‘truths’ about our Program. We are passionate in our responses for one main reason: we are clients and we know if the Money Merge Account works, and how well it works FIRST HAND.

Many of us were already looking for help in paying off our Mortgages and getting out of debt. We looked over the web, talked to accountants and lawyers, friends and family…and some of us even used ‘other’ programs until we found the MMA. Yet, there are many ‘professionals’ who claim to know and understand all there is to the Money Merge Account, but have never used it on their own home. If you read carefully, you might discover that most comments are made by those who simply want you to use their own service.

Nothing wrong with that.

As a Homeowner, you need to know the absolute truth about The Money Merge Account.

There are many Programs out there available to you, that will give you the ability to pay off your home early. From simple CD’s to seminars, to a simple Excel Spreadsheet. A bi-weekly Program is a good example. However, how long have you known about a bi-weekly Program…and why haven’t you used it before?

You could do even better if you simply used your monthly discretionary income and paid it towards your primary mortgage each month. That would pay off your home faster than any bi-weekly Program. So why haven’t you? You have all the tools in front of you, but 99% of us simply don’t (and won’t) do it. Why?

The MMA Program is a ‘complete’ system of eliminating debt and building wealth, not just a ‘piece of software’. It includes cutting edge technology, sophisticated mathematical algorithms and first rate service and support until the payoff of your mortgage. It was created for people like us, who spend 2 minutes a month, balancing our checkbook, only to throw it into the sock drawer. It’s for us, who buy the annual gym membership, but don’t even know what the front desk looks like. It’s for those of us who need the extra help, because we don’t have the discipline and we don’t want to figure out all the mathematical variations and calculations each and EVERY DAY. Yes, we said every day, because if you have a glimmer of hope in doing what the MMA Program can do, that what it would take.

…and we’d still save more money than you will.

There are many good systems out there you can look into. The principles the MMA Program are based on have been around for over a decade, used successfully in Australia and other parts of the world. However, the Money Merge Account has been designed to work with our way of life here in America. We don’t want to admit it, but we want the help, the simplicity and the service, without giving up the freedom and power.

Don’t mistake imitators for competitors. The Money Merge Account is the first of it’s kind and the only one of it’s kind. No matter your intent, if you want to pay off your home and create ongoing wealth for you and your family, The Money Merge Account will fit you like a glove.

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