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Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Clients' Choice I got such a great response regarding "Cool Websites to check out", I thought I would post a few more websites that I thought were GREAT!....if you did not read the original need to check it out~

Anyway, here are a few more sites that I think are pretty cool!

1) - This is the cheapest feedback site I have found....for less than 10/month you can get feed back for your all your allows your sellers to access the website to view the feedback that they have received.  It also emails your seller with the feedback that other agents leave.   This is a great site for the price...other sites charge anywhere from 15 to 20 a month!  I love this site!!!!

2) another name for this site can be STREET VIEW!!!!  If you have not checked this site out you MUST!  I can't stress this one enough!  For your clients that are out of town, and want to see what the neighborhood to a house is like...all they need to do is enter the street address.  Once the map has located the street.  Click on the little yellow man in the top left hand corner of the map.  Drag him onto the map and you can actually view the street from STREET VIEW.  This is the coolest site I have seen in a long time!  GREAT FOR THE OUT OF TOWN BUYERS!!!!!!!!

3) GOOG411- Oh my GOD!  How great is technology today?  So you can text GOOG411 with the name of a store, city, and state and it will return, by text the top 3 matches.  How cool is that and best of all it is FREE!!!!!!!!    Yes you heard me correctly,  FREE   I just LOVE GOOGLE :0)

So Until next weeks top 3 website, I hope you have a great time surfine the web.   You can also check out my website and go to "websites to check out" to see past websites that I found useful. 


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