Ever Been A Judge At A High School Event, Like A Science Fair?

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All kinds of projects, various themes, different directions. Excited kids, noisy gym, lots of teachers, many judges.

This is small town and fun. And you know the students, some were on your little league team, others had brothers or sisters that had been friends with your older or younger kids. Maine communities. The whole village raises your kids, or guides them.  Watch the video, a community look that gives you an idea of the kids, respectful, excited, inquizative.  As a Maine real estate broker, these community videos need to be inter-weaved in among your homes, land, farms, waterfront offerings. Because after all, people can buy a house or land or a lake cottage anyway..but show them the area that property is in, a glimpse at the people, and that tips the scale in your home town's favor. Especially if other community videos in other towns don't exist. Watch the video below!

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers - Maine Community Videos Show You The Area, The Local Real Estate

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