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This is a re-post of an annoucement I made to the group several days ago, for those who missed it. It concerns a new real estate marketing program for LI Realtors by Cablevision and other LI firms intended to "jump start" the spring selling season. My company is co-ordinting the initiative.

The idea is to give Realtors and their clients a high-profile marketing service with a goal of selling properties in 60 days.

We are holding a webinar to go over the details, and I want to invite all members of this group to participate.


The program involves providing a service for Realtors and their clients with the goal of selling real estate in 60 days. It also includes selling the homeowners' estate and personal property, as an added accomodation to the homeower (and done on behalf of the listing agent).

The plan is to offer home sellers  (through their listing sales agent) a service to sell (or move to contract) their property in 60 days. 60 days. Here's how we plan to do it:

Properties will be aggregated in groups of 12 in a "Sale Event", to be called, for example ‘Buyer's Opportunity Sale Event'.  Each property/Realtor  will be provided with:

virtual tour
consultation with staging professional
title/abstract search providing evidence of clear title
sales contract provided by local RE attorney, ready for buyer to edit/accept
TV ads from the best area channels for the properties/Realtors in the Sale Event. Up to 200 TV ads weekly at prime time for 8 weeks
mortgage commitment from lender bank in the area 
After 60 days, a Sale Event to be held by a licensed auctioneer, to add finality to the Sale Event and hopefully motivate interested buyers who may be on the fence.

As a convenience to sellers, we will auction/sell their personal/estate property as a valuable add-on service during the marketing period ( a reasonable commission will be charged).

We also provide a mortgage acceleration service to your buyers, saving them hundreds of thousands in mortgage costs. Realtors can become affiliates in this program which pays significant commissions. For example, if 10 potential buyers are attracted by the TV ads, each Realtor can earn up to $1,750, exclusive of the sale of the property. 

Realtors will perform their traditional role of interfacing with buyers. The service is mostly invisible to the public, and only the Realtors and represented properties will be advertised and seen. 

We hope to do this at NO cost to the Realtor: no cost for making the TV ads - which can feature the agent as well as  the property, no cost for airtime (we're talking about 1600 prime time spots in the 60 day period). No cost for the virtual tour, and no cost for the other services. I want to stress that in having all these services provided up front at no cost, the providers will be paid upon sale of the 12 properties ( or as many as sell) so everyone gets paid same as the Realtor  - on the successful sale.

The cost is projected to be equal to 2% of the gross sales of the properties in the Sale Event. I need to add that if local providers have to lay out money, it will need to be up-fronted, but we're trying to eliminate this, so no promises, but here on LI, everything is falling into place and most are in agreement of working in this manner.


There are a limited number of "seatings" that our webinar software will accommodate, and invitations are being sent by request, so if I don't hear from you, I can't send an invitiation. I will be hosting the webinar along with a representative from Cablevision.


We will be discussing how all the phases work together to make this Program possible. We have developed a large infrastructure , including advertising, that interfaces with your own services, making for a smooth launch of the Rapid Results service.

PLEASE CALL  OR EMAIL if you have questions.

Again, I especially want to thank Thomas McGiveron for his initiative in forming this group.

Marv Eisen
Estates On Line, LLC

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