Reminder: SureClose Realty User Group Meets Today

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This is a reminder to all of our SureClose users:  Our monthly SureClose Realty User Group meeting is today, Wednesday, March 18th at 1:00 p.m. CST.  

You won't want to miss this month's meeting!!  We'll be covering:

  • How SureClose can help you with your short sale transactions
  • A preview of our new SureClose Advantage User Interface
  • Our recently launched online web forum for SureClose users

All SureClose users are welcome to attend and participate in our monthly  meetings.  So, please be sure to share this invitation with the SureClose users in your company.  Registration is required.  Please click on the link below to reserve your seat in our webex meeting. 

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Jaime Woods, Prudential American Associates, Queen Creek, Arizon

I'd love to get feedback on how other real estate companies are handling short sale contracts. We have created several templates that rely heavily on tasks, reminders, document notifications, etc for our agents, clients and management. Our brokers have to sign off on the accepted contract within 5 days, however, we do not want to trigger the typical inspection related task reminders etc. on our regular are other companies handling this so the agents AND management aren't frustrated, yet everyone still has what they need? I have thought about creating a generic template file with limited tasks, etc., (and then just import the documents to a regular closing file once bank/seller agreement is in place) but not sure if this is the best alternative....Thoughts anyone?

Apr 14, 2009 12:14 PM
Beth Young
Holler Law Firm - Milford, CT
Been there, Done that...

Jaime, when I set up shortsale templates I always have tasks divided into two categories: pre-bank approval and post-bank approval.  While your broker document review tasks and things like that can be set much like a normal re-sale transaction, I would recommend having a task added to your short sale closing template that specifically indicates the receipt of bank approval.  Then, you can use that as your "trigger" task and have all post-approval tasks, like inspections, based off the completion of that trigger task rather than the contract start date.  Any other ideas out there?

Apr 17, 2009 09:49 AM
Edward Aretz

As the country's largest short sale negotiation company, we have just opened up our services to all agents outside of our group.  The good news is that we have been using SureClose and have set up all the douments we need on one hand, and all the taks that have to be completed on the other.  

We offer our services for free to agents.  If you want to outsource your negotiation to full-time professionals, please contact us at

Good luck!

Apr 21, 2009 05:48 AM