Sights from Virginia Tech- Lane Stadium

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Oh Lane... I would spend every Saturday of every weekend here if I could. So many great memories in this stadium... being painted up, sharing turkeylegs with my best friend, being hit in the head with airplane bottles, rushing the field... ::happy sigh::

IF you've ever heard anything about VT football, you've seen Lane Stadium. It was built in the 40s and has been drowning out audibles ever since :) We've been in the top 10 loudest stadiums in the country for I don't how long and we only seat about 65,000 people. They did a total revamp of the stadium back in 2006 adding on more offices, the tutoring center where I worked last year, shopping and most importatnly boxed seating (and let me tell you it is pretty darn spiffy up there!). Our field ain't too shabby either- we've got one of the top field drying systems in the country. I know that's not it's technical name, but you get the gist. :) I'll never forget when Dave Matthews Band and a bunch of other artists played at our school after April 16 and they babied that field like none-other. You couldn't see a speck of green it was covered so well.

Commencements have been held in there since the 50's and the tradition continues today. I'm rather excited about my May 15th one!

I run the stairs in the stadium sometimes and I love just getting to the top and looking around. It's a 360o view of the mountains and it's absolutely gorgeous. The way our stadium is situated you can hear the game all over town. When you're actually sitting inside it seems like it's covered by a dome it's so loud! Oh good ole Hokie football....



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Trey Thurmond
BCR Realtors - College Station, TX
College Station , Texas Homes

That is a really handsome stadium. There is nothing like a college football stadium to get your gears turning and your mind a churning.

Mar 18, 2009 04:09 PM
Kat Malone
Charlestown, MA

Trey- Lane has come a long way since I was a freshman here! Every time I go by the stadium I feel the odd urge to start a chant, lol

Mar 19, 2009 03:30 AM
Mark Edwards
East West Partners of VA, Hampton Roads, Virginia - Suffolk, VA
East West Realty


How 'bout those Hokies? Just joined this group. Didn't know there was a VT group on here. Cool.


Dec 08, 2010 04:30 AM