"Green Eggs and Home" ... Who knew Dr. Seuss was so Eco-Friendly ?

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Dr Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" was a story of a character who tried to convince a non-believer that there was a better product out there  ...
"Green Eggs".

The second character resisted for a long time - not seeing any benefit to trying the "Green Eggs."

However, character 1 was persistent, as he knew the good taste of the "Green Eggs", and eventually, character 2 agreed to try "Going Green"...
... and as we all know ... He LOVED the Green Eggs ! ... and his life was changed forever

How prophetic of Dr. Seuss almost 50 years ago - to write a precursor to our current global emphasis of changing to a "Greener World", and his story is profoundly similar to what we are facing in society today.

We have many movements out there to promote "Going Green", but many are not taking the opportunity to try it. All it takes is a little research and a little dedication, and you too can benefit and help enhance "Greener Living".

Now, "Going Green" can encompass many areas of our society right now.

To me, it doesnt only mean 'Greener New House Construction', or moving to the use of 'Hybrid Cars', but it also includes helping the concept with more everyday actions that we can all undertake.

The consensus seems to be that the majority of the country believe that moving to more natural resources and energy efficient living is the way to go, but many dont understand what they can do to join the "Green Party" !

Believe it or not, there are some VERY EASY things every consumer can do, to assist with "Energy Savings" in their everyday lives - here are just some examples:


  • Water Conservation - Add a 1 liter bottle filled with sand or water to your toilet tank - this will displace 1 liter of water usage EACH FLUSH and can save hundreds of gallons of water per month with the average usage of the loo !

  •  ~~ Also follow this link for 100 Fabulous Everyday Ways To Conserve Water ! ... this link is amazing !


  • Caulking Round Windows - Help seal your "Home's Envelope"and save on your heating bills by preventing the drafts from getting in through uninsulated window trims !

  • Faceplate Gaskets- Simple and easy, and picked up for a few dollars at Home Depot or Lowes type stores, but few people know that small amounts of air can leak in from the outside through your outlet faceplates ! These gaskets help keep those small drafts out - and as we know, every little saving helps !

  • Solar panels - At a slightly bigger cost, but with a larger potential upside benefit, these Eco-Friendly Energy Suppliers are becoming exponentially more popular. And while we can continue to harness the sun's free energy, this option is one that we all could consider.

I myself just had Solar Panels installed to heat my inground pool in our backyard last summer ! After 2 short seasons, the gas bill savings from not using gas to heat my pool will have paid for the installation of the solar panels, and from then on, all the years of pool heating will be FREEEEEEE ! ... saving energy and money !!

  • Save our trees - Reduce paper Usage !- This is my personal favorite. One way to do this is to subscribe to an email fax service like MyFax or Efax. These services receive your faxes and deliver them to your email box. You can download them in pdf format, and save them onto your computer - and voila, we just saved a small branch ! ... over the course of a year, we probably could each save a tree or two, and with a few hundred million of us, that's a lot of natural habitat that we just preserved

For additional everyday Green Tips to save energy and help our environment, check out this link to 50 Green Tips We can All Use Today.

Building a Greener House

So in closing, I think our old friend Dr. Seuss deserves a little more credit than just for writing endearing childrens books - in my eyes, he should be heralded as one of the first pioneers of a "Greener Way Of Life" !!


 Bravo Mr. Seuss ! ... you were years ahead of your time ! ... and I'll eat your "Green Eggs & Ham" any day of the week !!

And remember - "Going Green" is not just for St.Patrick's Day
Make it part of your everyday Life !


@@ UPDATE:  I am honored that this post was just selected as the winner of the "3rd Annual GREEN IS RED HOT"  contest !

There were so many great entries with excellent Energy Saving tips - click this link to read some of the others too !!! 



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