Our PALMS team needs some good agents in your area...

Mortgage and Lending with KIM LAR INC

We need a good agent to bring us short sales, that is all you have to do.

The sale is negotiated by our mitigators and you are guaranteed a 6%
commission, no matter what the bank is offering.

Once you bring us the short sale, we take over everything and you do
what you do best, and that is finding an end buyer.

If interested, please email me and request the PALMS package. Should
you not be interested in making a good commission while we do all the
work, would you please pass this on to another agent you may know?
Thank you.
Larry Potter



Send voice messages to your group

It's easy to send an e-mail message to a group of people.
That's why many organizations have adopted electronic mailing lists.

But, a bulk e-mail message isn't very personal. And you can't always
be sure that people will check their e-mail in a timely fashion.

The telephone is a much better choice if you want to deliver a warmer
message. It's a nice way to contact your group.

And, thanks to cell phones, recipients will receive the messages right
away. So it's perfect for notifying people of last-minute changes in plans.

DialMyCalls lets you record a 30-second voice message. You can deliver it
to as many as 25 people. It's as quick as sending an e-mail.

DialMyCalls is free to use. But if you want to send messages to larger groups,
you'll need to pay.



Comments (2)

Fernando Herboso - Associate Broker MD, & VA
Maxus Realty Group of Samson Properties - Clarksburg, MD
301-246-0001 Serving Maryland, DC and Northern VA

I can make myself send a recorded message to people I know.. maybe I can use it for open houses invites.. .

Mar 19, 2009 02:54 PM
Larry Potter
KIM LAR INC - Bakersfield, CA
Senior Stryde Advisor

Good idea Fernando.


Mar 19, 2009 03:10 PM