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As a real estate/interior photographer, it's my job to showcase the homes I've been asked to photograph. That means; show the size, the spatial relationship to other parts of the home, the colours and lighting in the home and the layout. I'm able to accomplish that with my experience, my equipment, the latest technology and passion for my profession.  

Many of the realtors I work with like to take their own pictures first. Sometimes they can make it to a property before I can get there and sometimes.... they just like to take their own pictures.... not quite sure why? 

I recently saw some pictures one of my regular clients took prior to me getting there. He did the best he could with his point and shoot camera.

I went in and did what I usually do and he loved the results. I later asked if he'd mind if I used his photos as a comparison between quick point and shoot pictures vs. professional images. ( I'm always trying to find ways to convince realtors of the importance and value in professional photography.)

He agreed! Yay!

Here are our results







So, which shots would catch your attention as a buyer?

Have a great day!


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