Do You Have Any Handcuffs At Your Home? Not For Your Kids!

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You own a pair of handcuffs? Chances are very good they came from Houlton Maine or Springfield, Massachusetts.

Those are the manufacturing facilities for Smith & Wesson's handcuff operations. The six millionth pair of handcuffs was produced in my hometown of Houlton recently. And the town is so proud of the S&W brand.  Plant manager Terry Wade I know well and had sold a waterfront cottage to, snowsledded with and see alot at local Chamber of Commerce dinners, etc. He makes sure his brand is a big help to local projects and is a very good local partner to make the area strong. The Houlton operation started out with 18 people in 1966 and has grown to 150 today. Several moves in town along the way and now to an expanded industrial building at the Houlton Maine International Airport. S&W is known for high quality, consistently out performing guns, handcuffs, maine real estate for sale,maine broker mooers realtyknives.  Protection of law enforcment and security officers is the number one goal and they achieve every day at the Houlton Maine plant. There are 44 different kinds of restraints, including handcuffs, restraint chains and leg irons. Houlton Maine's labor force is well know for its work ethic, low / no employee turn over and pride of producing a honest day's work and top shelf product.

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