Blogging Blues Because of No Gold Star?

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Frustrations and disappointments hit an all time high and you are ready to quit, toss in the towel?  When you reach that point there are a few things you need to consider pulling yourself back on track.  I'm speaking of your posts with no visitors and few to no comments and the invisible feeling you may be experiencing.

 •· So you pour out your heart on what you consider to be "Feature" worthy content.  This time you know you have hit a bull's eye.  You labor on the wording, clever images to incorporate, popular topic or thought.  You push Submit.  Wait; go back and forth to see if your post has entered the blog path for viewers, yes ... there it is.  Wait, a couple of minutes pass, go back to your home page ... no comments yet.  Click to the blog posts, yes still there but working itself down.  Flip to the feature list, no not yet but surly the powers that will be will read.  Click, click back and forth.  No, no, no comments, no interest, no satisfaction, no gold star.  Your post works its way down the line and then off the page, 0 comments, no recognition, no pat on the back. 

•· What went wrong?  It may have nothing to do with your content but some other factors to consider.  First of all - are you writing for the Feature or what is you motive?  I have found personal satisfaction for making my post be a mirror of my outlook and thoughts.  If you write with the intent of the Feature then you more than likely have set yourself up for failure or disappointment.  Yes, being recognized and all the glorious comments are exciting and rewarding but should never be the purpose for the content of your post.  Personally I try to write to uplift myself, give out helpful suggestions to others, pass on experiences, and give tips.  With that frame of mindset you will build your own subscribers who will enjoy reading your post because of what you offer.  Write and they will come.

•· Title - be clever; hit on the content in thoughtful wording.  Think about when you read posts, what is it that attracts you to go further to click and read?   The heading, the first few lines of the post are the grabbers.  Be selective to quickly guide the reader to what your topic covers.

•· Content - Who has time to read a novel?  Be concise, thoughtful, use bullet points, and respect to layout.

•· Be yourself, let your personality shine. 

•· Proper grammar and spelling.  Check in word and read over what you have authored again, don't be so quick to submit.

•· Join groups that center on interest that you have a post that is a great fit.  It may be featured there.

•· Subscribe to others - if you give of your time to thoughtfully comment on many posts, consistently to those you enjoy, they in turn will visit your post and comment.  Your AR friends!

•· What time of day do you post?  Experiment as to when the traffic is higher on AR and more exposure.  Just remember at popular posting times your exposure on the blog line goes rapid down the line and time visible at a first glance.

The Gold Star is great but your self satisfaction of expressing yourself, sharing, and educating is what Active Rain brings.  So give yourself a gold star when you hit the big zero and move on.  Look in the mirror to see what you can do to alter some things to attract more viewers.  Keep in mind that if you are happy with what you post then goal achieved!

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