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Original content by Audrey June-Forshey

Today I had a home inspection.  I was there with the inspector and the buyers.  I don't do much other than let everyone into the house and answer questions about what the seller is obligated to do as per our MAR contract.  That is about it.

The last inspection I went to, the same group of folks, me, the inspector, and the buyers.  However, the inspection I had last week the listing agent was also present.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but as I was driving back to the office I started to remember that the last few inspections I have had when I have sold homes from this particular company, the listing agent has been present?  I will have to ask the listing agent the next time, but wondering if this has become a company policy?

While I don't really mind them being there and 9.5 times out of 10, I have a great relationship with an agent I do a transaction with, I think it hinders my buyers inspection?

I know that the inspector did not speak as freely as he normally does when a listing agent is not present.  While there are no hard and fast rules that I have read on the contract, I don't think the seller nor the listing agent should be present at the inspection.  I am sure if the company has a policy there is a reason, but I don't think that the buyer or the inspector feels as open during the inspection if someone is there "watching over" them. 

I have read on some posts, where in some areas it is not customary for anyone but the inspector to be at the inspection so the inspection is not influenced in anyway.  To that train of thought, I think it is good for the inspector to show buyers preventive maintanence  items and helpful homeowner hints.  If the inspector finds something, I think it is important for a purchaser to be there with the inspector so that the purchasers can see the item in question.

When I am the listing agent, I tell my sellers that they should not be at the inspection.  I find that the seller takes everything so personal anyway.  I tell them what they are responsible for in the contract and that the inspector is going to find something wrong with the house, it is their job to find defects, not to take it personal

I believe the if the buyer pays for the inspection that they have the right to be present at the inspection and shoudl expect some privacy during the inspection. 

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