Setting up a Facebook Page for your Business

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Setting up a Facebook Page for your Business

5 Minutes....That's it!

If you are already on Facebook personally and have your own business or work for a business that you can really should consider setting up a business page.  The first step is really easy....Go to your Favorite pages first....If you don't already have some you like...Here are a couple of mine.

Community Radar

At the bottom left of the page there is a spot that says "Create a page for my Business"....Once you click on that you are well on your way to setting up a page.  First pick your Type of business.  Then you will need to fill out all of your personal info and have your logo ready to upload. If you need any assistance contact me and I would glad to be able to help you set your page up!

A few helpful tricks...

1.) If you are wanting to add a little bit of more information than the template allows...head on over the the public transit section.  You will have lots of room o fill out information about your business and add any more links that you may want to send a consumer.
2.) Add links at the bottom of your pictures.  If you are a Realtor..this is a great place to get consumers excited about the type of condos or homes you sell and should be any easy transition over to your web site.

3.) Be sure and add your "Blog RSS Feed Reader" application to your page...this is one of the more difficult things to do...but once it it is awesome and will bring new readers from FB to your business blog.

One last thing....Don't forget to become a a fan of Ian Marshall Realty once you are on FB...I will be honored to repay the fan favor.



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