Business for Self Employed or Business owners

Mortgage and Lending with Lynn Meldrum with Verico Canada First Mortgage

Well with the changes that the Canadian Government made to how we lend money there have been some changes.  Most obviously is mortgages for self employed and small business owners.  At one point we could state the inome of the client, the lendr would require a business license but nothing with income amounts on it.  Because as we know business owners and the self employed write off as much as possible so as not to pay a ton in taxes at tax time.  This however is changing with some of the lenders and instead of a stated income they are looking for more of a verified income with some leaway.  They are asking for NOAs and T! generals.  I think the self employed and business owners will be having a difficult time again getting mortgages and this is a shame, especially when their credit bureau shows that they do pay thier bills.  It seems unfortunate for those who are playing by the rules to get stuck with new rules because of the few that broke those rules


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