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You know the one thing that I still hear all the time from ALL buyers from the pickest buyers to buyers who can barely qualify to buy anything to investors, ALL cash buyers like I said just about all buyers. How are the schools, tell me about the district, the local elementray school, how is the High school sport team. Schools are important, they say a lot about the local community.

How are your schools? What are you doing to support them? Do you know if your local district even offers enough credits or AP class's for kids to get in to a State College? I happen to know that my local school district offers 6 periods a day (when the state funds only pay for 5) Schools are looking at major budget cuts at a time when most community involvement is at an all time low, if you have read between lines you'll know that this turns out bad for students. 

We as Realtors need to be mad about this, mad as hell if you ask me. This is a time when sure the schools will take your check but they could also use your hand, as you step into the building and do some real good for your local community.

I am just getting back on my blogging horse so I am going to keep it short but leave you with a few links




I hope that you "open your window" and do something for kids, for students and for your community by doing something for schools. NO NO not finger pointing we are past that, just do what needs to be done.

lets hope I can find my way back here again soon.