How a Virtual Assistant Keeps You On the Speaking Circuit

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Someone who travels to lead seminars for a living has two things on his mind…doing a great job and getting to the next engagement. That may not sound terribly difficult, but living on the road without office support can be frustrating and inefficient. That’s why smart speaking professionals are using Virtual Assistants to keep things on track full-time.

Is this resonating with you? We’ve been told by so many clients that they hated returning to the office from a speaking tour, before they began working with a personal assistant.

Here’s why things look differently for one of them now: the client turns his schedule over to his Virtual Assistant, who sets it up online for his convenience. She updates it daily with new engagements and cancellations, including personal appointments and reminders.

She sends a daily email with questions from seminar clients, if she hasn’t already handled them for him. She works with his clients to smooth the road for quality speaking engagements. She orders supplies shipped to the next hotel and confirms his training rooms are fully-equipped.

Because his calendar is now web-based, he can access it from his Blackberry or laptop. Details that once slipped through the cracks, giving him a black eye with his clients, are now handled as a matter of course by his well-trained Virtual Assistant.

If he suddenly needs new handouts for a seminar, that same personal assistant is on the job. She makes the changes and emails the documents to the copy center near his hotel. They deliver his handouts in plenty of time for the next day’s sessions, and disaster is averted.

His Virtual Assistant is constantly looking for ways to keep his life simple, providing concierge services like travel arrangements, paying his bills through his secure member portal on our website and finding theater tickets in his current city.

And did we mention that she does all this without ever being in his office? She works remotely as a contractor, saving him the cost of office equipment and payroll taxes. By paying for a set number of hours each month, he can budget her fees in advance.

Could life on the road get any easier? Once our clients who travel doing seminars have tasted the freedom of a personal assistant, they become clients for life. They move from skepticism to appreciation quickly, and refer their friends on the circuit to us, too.

The Virtual Assistants at 24/ are just what these clients need to stay on the road. If you’re ready to experience that level of confidence, try our one-week, ten-hour free trial for yourself.

Life is good with a personal assistant smoothing out the bumps. Pursue your career with confidence; she’s got the details covered back at home.

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Thank you for the post, I'm just starting to entertain more out of town speaking engagements, you've raised some very good questions along with ways to make it workable.

Feb 26, 2011 11:44 AM