Three Reasons Ezine Publishers Need Virtual Assistants

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Smart Internet marketers know to maintain regular contact with their email lists by publishing ezines filled with useful content. They also know the ezine is a valuable bonus to offer prospects in exchange for contact information. But how does the busy online business owner have the time to create an ezine on a regular basis? That’s where a Virtual Assistant can step in to lighten the load.

There are three ways I can list off the top of my head that Virtual Assistants are of benefit to ezine publishers. Working offsite, they complete their tasks efficiently, and economically. The publisher isn’t forced to hire full-time staff to maintain his email newsletter program. If you’re struggling with every ezine issue you publish, take a moment to read about three areas where online personal assistants can help you:

Performing Research: What ezine publisher do you know that has time to scan blogs, newslists and article directories for fresh content regularly? A Virtual Assistant can be your path to the relevant information you’d like to offer your list.

Virtual Assistants work online, and they know where to find great content. They can suggest topics for upcoming issues and notify you of new trends of interest to your readers.

If you’re still performing research yourself for your ezine, calculate the savings when an affordable personal assistant steps in and you spend your time, instead, growing your business.

Maintaining Email Lists: Today’s Virtual Assistants are well-trained in online applications. They know how to navigate in the most-used CRM packages and shopping carts. With a little time to train, they’ll tackle less familiar programs and keep your email lists up-to-date and error-free.

Tracking customer and prospect changes is a challenge if your list is large. Professional personal assistants are more than ready for the task. Why waste time sending email newsletters to out-of-date lists? Your Virtual Assistant can also filter those names into smaller groups for special mailings, and give you accurate statistics on your current list.

Update Ezine Content: Because you work with a Virtual Assistant online, it’s a snap to bring her up-to-speed on your ezine templates. Allow her to set deadlines for regular contributors and work with them to create a quality newsletter. You’re still the publisher, but the day-to-day work of preparing the ezine for mailing should be done by someone who’s not also running your business!

Once you’ve become comfortable with the work your personal assistant can do, you’ll find yourself turning over more and more of your ezine production to her. Imagine the plans you can make for your business once you’re freed from the work of creating your ezine.

We’d like to give you the chance to see how well this can work for your business. New clients enrolling for Virtual Assistant services are always given a free one-week, ten hour trial. Your ezine is an important part of your marketing strategy; find just the right VA and let her help you send out a quality newsletter every time.

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