A Spring Fresh Cleaning of the Mind

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Spring is that time of year when most of us feel the need to trow open the windows, beat the rugs, roll up our sleeves and start scrubbing our home from top to bottom. Out with the stale old stuff, in with the fresh new things, bringing with it the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts in life. Toward the end of winter the darkness begins to envelop everything With closed windows and drawn drapes the darkness is both inside and out. Our homes smell like winter, of artifical heat and stale memories of the holidays. Spring cleaning can be a very effective way of getting rid of the darkness. During the act of going through things and cleaning out, one begins to gain a sense of being in control again.

Since this is the time of year for such grandiose ideas of cleaning out attics, basements and closets, I think we should also do a little cleaning of the attic in our heads. Here is a to do list that my wife puts up on the refrigerator every year about this time:

1. Clean out the anger, hatred, jealousy, and self doubtOpen air

2. Move out the frustrations, and lack of communication. Wash away delay and procrastination

3. Dust off your attitude and put on a fresh coat of positive

4. Throw out misunderstanding and lack of patience. Sweep out the dirt of gossip and lies

5. Recycle old relationships, roles, and routines that no longer work into a new useable form

6. Open the shades and let in the warmth of friendship

7. Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun

8. Give away as much love, help, care, concern, and gratitude as possible

9. Paint in new boundaries and stencil some raised standards

10. Open the windows of your mind to new ideas and a fresh perspective on living a happier, better, easier life

Here are a couple of more cleaning tips I have learned over the years:

- Keep away from criticism and condemnation and practice forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Instead of focusing on faults of the people, focus on the good in them. When you think good and do good you can't help but to attract only the best possible life for your self.

- Get rid of petty jealousies. Stop playing insignificant arguments which you have had with people over and over again in your mind. Don't waste your mental energy on trivial and unnecessary disagreements. You are meant to do greater things in life

Once you have spring cleaned the attic in your head thoroughly you will be more aware and wise. Your purpose and your goals will be clearer to you and you will be well on your way towards the life you desire and deserve.

Bear in mind that the above are GENERAL suggestions only. For maximum effectiveness you should tailor your cleaning regimen to your specific needs.

Now, lets talk about spring cleaning the house...............

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