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Dragon Boating on Lake Union in Seattle, WA

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Dragon Boating on Lake Union in Seattle, WA

How I Discovered Dragon Boating

I moved to Seattle, WA from Los Angeles, CA last January. I didn't know anyone, so I was constantly looking for ways to meet new people. My father suggested I use a website called Meetup.com, which allows individuals to meet other people in person with common interests. With an interest in hiking, I joined a group on Meetup called Bellevue & Seattle Hiking & Dragon Boating. After previously living in Los Angeles for 5 years, I didn't own the right clothing for spring hiking, so I decided to check out Dragon Boating.

Dragon Boating on Lake Union in Seattle, WATo my surprise, the Seattle Flying Dragons were offering a deal that allowed me to join the club on the water 3 times for free. Sundays are geared more for beginners, so I signed up.

My Experience With Dragon Boating

That Sunday, I dug the most water-proof clothing I could find out of my closet, grabbed a water bottle and towel, and headed down to Lake Union for the first time. It wasn't too hard to find parking considering it was a Sunday. I easily spotted a group of people in life vests holding paddles.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful in making sure I was ready to paddle. A short demonstration was done on land for the beginners about how to paddle. There was a 10-15 minute warm-up. We then divided into two groups and walked down to the boats. We took 2 of the 3 dragon boats out on the water and paddled for about an hour and a half total. We practiced the basic stroke form, waved at the people on houseboats, and raced the two boats a few times.

How I Felt About Paddling

I found Dragon Boating to be kind of a cross between canoeing and rowing. I really enjoyed being out on the water and it was a great workout too! After that, I continued to go to the practices, which are held 4 days a week on Lake Union in Seattle, WA. I joined the team and even competed in a race in Olympia, WA. Although, I haven't had much time for Dragon Boating lately, I loved it and would like to go back again soon.

Dragon Boating on Lake Union in Seattle, WA was a great experience and I highly recommend checking it out. It's a fantastic way to meet new people, get some exercise, and enjoy the outdoors.

The Seattle Flying Dragons on King 5 News

Dragon Boating on Lake Union in Seattle, WA