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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Jes Coles, Suburban Homestead Seeker
(Stanberry Realtors®)
Listing Details of 405 Fordtrand St in Ellinger TexasModern Comfort Meets Country Living405 Fordtrand St. Ellinger, TX 78938Price: $325,500MLS# 6219077Bedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2.5Square Footage: 1856Call Jes Coles at 360-941-0285 to arrange a showing. Location of 405 Fordtrand St.Ellinger is the newest incorporated community in Texas. Centrally located about half way between Austin and Houston on Hwy 71, only about 1.25 hr travel in either direction. Shopping (H-E-B) and dining are only a short and scenic ~15 minutes away in La Grange or Columbus. For the lovers of Antiques - Round Top is 25min up the road. You have to check out their semi-annual Round Top Antiques Fair! Hunters and fishing enthusiast will enjoy the array of options a short trek from your doorstep; including Oak Creek Ranc...
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It's undeniable that buying a home has become more challenging, especially given today's mortgage rates and the rise in home prices. This has spurred many prospective buyers to explore grants and assistance programs to see if they qualify for any support. However, navigating these options can be daunting for some, as highlighted in a recent study by the Bank of America Institute. According to the study, a significant number of prospective buyers expressed a lack of confidence and a need for more information, particularly in understanding homebuying grant programs. Specifically, 53% of respondents indicated they require assistance in comprehending homebuying grant programs.To bridge this knowledge gap, here's some essential information: What Exactly is Down Payment Assistance?According t...
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Do you know how much it costs to sell a house in Florida? You might be surprised to find out just how many costs there are when selling a Florida house on the open market. Let’s face it, when most people think about selling a house, they don’t stop to think about all the fees and costs that are involved in the process. That goes for whether they’re selling on their own (For Sale By Owner), through a real estate agent, or selling to a real estate investment company like Florida Cash Home Buyers. The most that some people think about is the commission fee that your real estate agent will take for helping you sell your house, but that’s just the beginning. There are a lot more costs you’ll need to consider. According to Bankrate, real estate commissions can add up to as much as ten percent...
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By Francine Marsolek, NextHome Metro Real Estate Services
(NextHome Metro Real Estate Services)
Minnesota, known for its vibrant cities, scenic landscapes, and robust economy, presents a wealth of opportunities for real estate investors. The state's growing population, coupled with a strong job market and high quality of life, makes it an attractive destination for those looking to invest in real estate. This article explores the various investment opportunities in Minnesota's burgeoning real estate market.Residential Rental PropertiesResidential rental properties are among the most popular investment choices in Minnesota. Cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul offer a dynamic urban environment with a steady influx of young professionals, students, and families. The rental demand in these cities is consistently high, ensuring a stable and often lucrative income stream for property o...
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By Kristy Macko, Realtor serving Sarasota and Mantee County
Hello, I just wanted to make anyone aware that is moving to Florida that has pets especially dogs to be on the lookout for the Cane Toad. This Toad is poisonous and can be fatal to a dog if a dog were to get a hold of one. There are several characteristics to be on the lookout for:  They are large in size – Usually 4 to 6 inches   The colors vary from reddish-brown, dark brown, to gray and the skin is warty  Enlarged, triangular poison glands on the shoulders  Bony ridge over each eye that runs down to the nostrils  They LACK ridges or crests that resemble horns on the top of the head  Call sounds like a persistent, low-pitched, warbling trill You can humanly euthanize them by putting Lidocaine ointment or spray to its belly. Make sure you are wearing gloves!! These are VERY dangerous p...
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By Melisa Hatfield, Real Estate agent serving all of Douglas County
(Re/Max Professionals)
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By Kelly McCray, Owner of Kmac Designs with over 15 years of interi
(Owner of Kmac Designs)
Kelly McCray: The Visionary Behind Kmac DesignsKelly McCray, the driving force behind Kmac Designs, has been transforming spaces and creating stunning interiors for over 15 years. Her journey in the world of interior design is marked by a blend of passion, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of aesthetic excellence. With a rich background that includes working under the esteemed Katherine Cook of Katherine Cook Interiors, McCray has established herself as a formidable talent in the industry.A Solid Foundation in DesignMcCray’s foray into interior design began with a deep-seated love for creating beautiful, functional spaces. This passion led her to pursue formal training, where she honed her skills and developed a keen eye for detail. The pivotal moment in her career came when she had t...
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By Paul Burrowes, Seller/Buyer, residential, subdivisions, infill.
(David Lyng Real Estate)
You can sell your home quickly in Santa Cruz, but are you ready? You should feel safe putting your house on the market if any issues have been identified and fixed before the ad goes live. It's easier to sell something when you have a plan, which will keep the deal from going wrong. A pre-sale home inspection is a crucial action you must take. Get ready ahead of time to make it as easy as possible to sell your house! What is a Pre-Sale Home Inspection?Before it is put on the market, a professional inspector checks the whole house—a home check before the sale. This inspection checks many areas of the house, including its structure, systems, and critical parts, to see if any issues might be happening or could happen in the future. During the inspection, the inspector carefully examines th...
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By Grant Findlay-Shirras, Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing
If You Only Knew the Life of a Real Estate Agent Episode 1 - Overcoming Roadblocks to Reach Six Figures in Real EstateWelcome to the first episode of "If You Only Knew the Life of a Real Estate Agent." Our mission is to unveil the real estate industry's realities—the highs, lows, and everything in between—so aspiring and current agents can navigate their careers effectively.Meet Charles RamseyCharles Ramsey brings a wealth of experience, with 24 years in the real estate industry. His journey began at the young age of 17, securing a monumental $10 million deal in South Carolina. Over the years, he's transitioned from Remax to KW, then to EXP, and now to Epic Realty, where he's found a new lease on his professional life.Charles' story is not just about changing brokerages but about contin...
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Want to sell your house in 2024? You’re in luck. 26.1% of homes sold above the list price last month, with a median home price of $412,778. Selling a house from Seattle to Miami is profitable as home prices have increased across the country.Homesellers spent approximately $24,000 in commissions on a $400,000 home.No MORE! It’s 2024! High-tech home-selling platforms, like Houzeo, help you skip the 3% listing agent commission almost entirely! And with technology, you’ll also have more access to information and be in control of your transaction.7 Steps to Selling a HouseWhile selling your house can be a complex process, we have listed down 7 simple steps for you to navigate through your real estate transaction:Step 1: Price Your Home CorrectlyThe market price at which your home will be sol...
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By Aimee Jarrels, Relocation Specialist Southern California > NC
(Sea to Shining Sea USA Properties, Inc)
If you find yourself preparing to anchor down at Camp Pendleton in 2024, you're in for an exciting journey. Sea to Shining Sea USA Properties is here to be your guide, ensuring your move to this iconic military base is not just a relocation but a smooth and memorable experience. Let's navigate the waters together and prepare for your new adventure at Camp Pendleton.    1. Embracing Coastal Living: Your Camp Pendleton Oasis As you set your sights on moving to Camp Pendleton, envision coastal living at its finest. With the Pacific Ocean as your neighbor, the base offers a unique blend of serenity and military precision. Camp Pendleton, situated along the California coast, provides a picturesque backdrop for your new home. Whether you're a beach lover, outdoor enthusiast, or history buff, ...
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By Jacopo Iasiello, Real Estate Investor Broker
(Jacopo Iasiello)
Join us for an exclusive online real estate event at 4800 Bay Point, Miami FL, on June 11, 2024, at 2 PM. Discover the unparalleled luxury and prime opportunities Bay Point has to offer from the comfort of your own home. This virtual showcase will provide an in-depth look at one of Miami's most prestigious neighborhoods, featuring live virtual tours of exquisite properties, expert insights from top real estate professionals, and interactive Q&A sessions. Don't miss this chance to explore the pinnacle of Miami living and secure your dream home in Bay Point. Join here:FB Link:
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📌 Join Eric L. Frazier, MBA president and CEO of The Power Is Now Media and Brandy Nelson for an enriching discussion with special guest Darren Blomquist, VIP of Market Economics at Gain valuable insights into the current state of the real estate market as Darren Blomquist provides expert analysis backed by extensive data. From Federal Reserve policies to home price dynamics, this episode offers a comprehensive understanding of market trends. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or industry professional, this conversation is a must-watch to navigate today's real estate landscape effectively.📣 Tune in now and don't forget to leave a comment sharing your thoughts on the discussion. Share this video with your friends and colleagues to keep them informed about the latest real estate...
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By Tina Schildt, Your Home Sold Guaranteed or We Will Buy It
  AMAZING POOL HOME in the Forest Brook area! 😍 Dive into Your Dream Pool Home in Forest Brook for Only $449,999! Buy this home, we'll buy yours!* CALL OR TEXT me now at (843) 438-6322 to request a private tour!This stunning pool home offers:✅ Private, wooded backyard retreat✅ Luxurious master suite with balcony overlooking the pool️✅ Just 10 minutes to the beach and so much more!♥ Buy A Home With Us and If You Are Not Satisfied in 18 Months, We'll Sell It For Free*✨Your Home Sold Guaranteed or We'll Buy It!*Thinking of selling your home? CALL or TEXT TINA TODAY!! (843) 438-6322 👉 or click this link
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By Ken Compton, Home Inspector Marketing
(Home Inspector Help)
Are you a home inspector navigating the volatile real estate market? With Home Inspector Help, you can access time-tested home inspector marketing strategies that fortify your business against fluctuations and foster long-term success. Our approach helps you build a reliable pathway to achieving your goals, even in challenging times.Today’s ChallengesThe current real estate market presents significant challenges for home inspectors: High Mortgage Rates: Rising rates have slowed the market, reducing inspection opportunities. Shift Toward Rentals and Renovations: Increasing demand for rental properties and renovations changes traditional inspection needs. Inventory Shortages: Limited homes for sale intensify competition and require strategic pricing. Quick Turnaround Pressure: Many buyers...
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By Mark Jackson, Loan Broker with over 50 Lenders
(Premier Mortgage Consultants)
I'm a new MLO and I work for a great brokerage, but I was thinking that I should create my own website as a landing page for my Google and Social Media ads.What do all of you experienced lenders think?
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By Jarett Vogler, Certified Master Inspector, Veteran
(Legacy Home Inspections)
Hey y'all! Howdy from your trusted inspection team at Legacy Home Inspections. As inventory levels are on the rise, sellers will have to find new and creative ways to compete in the market. This will be a learning curve for agents as well given the market conditions we've seen over the last several years. One of the ways that sellers can attract highly qualified buyers is to have a pre-listing inspection done. Then they fix a few of the larger more concerning items that may be present. The end result is a higher property value and less money given away in concessions to fix those items post closing. Let me know what you think! As always our door is always open to you! Send me your pictures, ask me questions, and I will help however I can! Jarett Vogler, Owner, Certified Master Inspector...
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By Chris Bennet, Real Estate Specialist in Texas
(DAC Co.)
Selling a home for the first time can feel overwhelming. Mortgage rates increased to 7.79% in 2023. Therefore, it’s important to weigh your options carefully and choose the most cost-effective and efficient method to sell your house. One of your key decisions is whether to hire a traditional real estate agent or opt for a Flat Fee MLS service to sell your house. This guide helps you understand the differences between them so you can choose the right one.How Do Traditional Agents Work?Traditional real estate agents list your home on the MLS, market it, negotiate with buyers, and handle paperwork. They typically charge 5% to 6% of the final sale price as their commission. This commission is usually split between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent.How Does Flat Fee MLS Work?The MLS, ...
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By Real Geeks Web Design & SEO, Specializing in Real Geeks website design and SEO
(Vanity Geeks)
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a powerful and well-designed website is crucial for real estate agents. A Real Geeks website, when optimized and designed effectively, can be your most potent tool for attracting and converting high-quality leads. At Vanity Geeks, we specialize in unlocking the true potential of Real Geeks websites. Here’s the secret to exceptional Real Geeks website design and how Vanity Geeks can help you achieve it. Meticulous Attention to Detail The secret to a successful Real Geeks website lies in meticulous attention to detail. At Vanity Geeks, we understand that every element of your website must be optimized for both aesthetics and functionality. Our expert designers and developers work closely with you to create a site that is visually stunning and user-...
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By Dream Home Mortgage, Texas Mortgage Consultant, 25+ Years Experience
(Dream Home Mortgage)
Are you dreaming of owning your own home but unsure where to start?Whether you're a first-time home buyer, have a low FICO score, are self-employed, or are considering a VA loan, our upcoming webinar is designed just for you. Join us at Dream Home Mortgage for our free webinar, "Get Your Dream Home: A Guide to Home Buying and Mortgage," where we'll cover all the essential topics to help you navigate the home-buying process with confidence.First-Time Home Buyers: Your Path to OwnershipFor first-time home buyers, the journey to homeownership can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our webinar will break down the steps to make your dream of owning a home a reality. We'll discuss: Understanding the Home Buying Process: From pre-approval to closing, we'll guide you through each step. Saving f...
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