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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Sell My House In Arizona, Real estate investors and cash buyers
(Easy AZ Home Buyer)
Having a real estate license can come in handy as an investor, but is it worth it?  Specific license requirements will vary by state, but regardless of where you are there will be a time and money commitment to obtain one.  For me, it was 90 hours of classroom training and several exams which were no walk in the park.  There are both monthly and annual expenses I have to pay to various parties along with continuing education requirements to keep it active.  As a new year turns and another round of the bigger fees are due, I always ask myself the same question:  Do I still want this?Here are some of the ways I’ve found a license benefits me in the REI world.1) Access to the MLS.  Always stay current with listings and get private notes that agents leave other agents that aren’t visible to...
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By Joseph "Joe" McInerney, Owner of Eddie Realty
Technology has changed commercial real estate in these four ways.Virtual toursReal estate agents no longer need to show properties to potential tenants physically. This has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. With the use of high-quality video cameras, agents can give beautiful virtual tours. They can do this in real-time with each tenant and personalize the experience. They can also prerecord one virtual tour and publish it on a website. Anyone interested can then watch the video. This technology has benefited everyone involved. Tenants can view properties at home, while agents can efficiently interact with more people.For more, visit
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By Richard Smith
As you know credit is more important than ever. Clients need to best credit scores possible and an adequate number of credit tradelinesPrequalify your potential homebuyrs and make sure their credit is up to par.  
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By Keith Motte, The best tech guy helping REALTORS
Whether you are a REALTOR looking to generate more leads, or just someone who wants to be in the know about what is going on in your industry, this blog post has something for everyone. Today we will discuss 5 strategies that can help drive traffic and improve your social media presence. These tips are easy enough for anyone to implement and they will work regardless of how much experience you have with social media marketing!As a realtor, you are familiar with the power of connecting your business to consumers through various forms of communication. But did you know that one way to increase customer engagement is by optimizing your social media presence? You may be wondering what this means and how it will help generate leads for your business.Step-by-step guide to social media optimiz...
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By Natasha Bailey
Hello everybody, I am just now starting my studies and hoping to start building my experience on the job sometime within the next couple of months. I would love to receive any tips and advice for the future and would have fun ansering any questions about myself as well. Thank you in advance.
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By Chuck Gonzalez, Real Estate Expert in the Metro Denver Area
( | My Colorado Move | 720-507-6683 | RE/MAX Alliance | Westminster, CO)
What's going on with Denver real estate market? The latest Greater Denver real estate market report is OUT!It is important to understand what is happening currently in the Greater Denver housing market and as well as why it is happening if you are thinking of buying a home in Colorado this 2021. Real estate market reports are only the beginning of the process of understanding the changes, opportunities, and challenges in the Greater Denver real estate market. My Colorado Move is here to dive deep into these numbers with you.Greater Denver Housing Market ReportThe Greater Denver real estate market has been hot, hot, hot. April 2021 depicts increased opportunities in an extreme real estate market, with the Luxury Market showing the possibility for buyers who outlast the fatigue of competi...
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By Angelique Tittensor, In Training/Real Estate Agent
I don't know about you but how I have memorized my fiduciary duties is this....A.C.D.C   L.O.LA - accounting C - careD - disclosureC - ConfidentiallyL - LoyaltyO - ObidenceL - Learn it and don't forget it!   This might sound dumb but I will never forget it.  I hope I make you laugh.Angelique/Geek     
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By Tracy Allan, Blogging about everything related to home...
(Home Magic)
Going for a bath after a long day at work may be the ultimate way to relax, but finding the right bathtub that meets your needs may be difficult. Bathtubs are made of various materials and come in a variety of dimensions and shapes; therefore, you must make the right choice to avoid regrets later on.It's a good idea to ask questions about the type of bathtubs you want to buy before you buy. Here's a bathtub buying guide to help you find one that suits both your preferences and your lovely bathroom.  Select the DesignMany bathtub types can easily fit in virtually any bathroom, but the emphasis must be on the room as well as the material. The soaking bathtub design, such as inclined, freestanding, or oval, will be determined by the bathroom space. While the bathtub should complement the b...
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By Rodney Whitehouse, Home Inspector in Charleston and surrounding ares
(Cardinal Home Inspections, LLC)
Most microwaves have hot spots, and if you eat the food directly from the oven, a few areas could be superheated and will burn you.  Therefore you always stir and rotate your food, and allow standing times.
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By Tony Smith, St Pete Talk | Real Estate Agent | Dalton Wade
(Dalton Wade Real Estate Group)
St Pete Talk is a popular Dalton Wade Real Estate blog that is primarily spearheaded by Tony Smith who happens to be one of the most popular local real estate agents.  The St Petersburg area has several houses up for sale. Similarly, there is a lot of demand for buying houses too. The St Pete Talk blog focuses primarily on the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group listings and promotes them well too.He has also done massive research in the field of Canadian snowbirds who make a major contribution to the economy of St Petersburg area. The kind of taxes these Canadians have been playing and the massive property that they hold means that despite the pandemic, they continued to contribute to the economy.Tony Smith was quoted as saying, "I am aware of how important it is to market and promote the re...
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By Michelle Dumas, Personal Branding & Career Marketing Expert
(Distinctive Career Services, LLC)
So, you have found an advertised opening for a real estate sales agent on a job board, in a real estate group that you would love to be a part of and you want to apply. The only problem...your resume is terribly outdated! You know you can't submit it as it is. Not only is it missing the last five years of your experience -- and all the stellar sales accomplishments you have accumulated in that time -- it is still in the old-fashioned-looking style you learned to write in college. You've seen the resumes of some of your colleagues and you KNOW without a doubt that your resume also needs a modern makeover. TIME FOR A RESUME MAKEOVER It is true. As a professional resume writer who has been working in the industry for more than a quarter-century, I can confirm that resume styles and best pr...
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By Brian Chandler, Create work in the real estate space in So. Denver
(RE/MAX Alliance)
  21120 Saddleback Circle Parker CO 80138   Wow! Unique 2 bedroom apartment with full kitchen set up in the basement of this fantastic 7 bedroom home in Hidden River 2. Situated on a quiet street, this wonderful home with a three-car garage leads you to the formal entry, spiral staircase, and 4579 square feet of living space. There is one bedroom on the main level with double doors leading to a private deck. Adjacent to the kitchen, the family room has 20-foot ceilings, recessed lighting, and a gas-burning fireplace. The white plantation shutters allow you to adjust the lighting in this very bright room. There are built-in speakers. The kitchen is spacious with a center island and ample cabinet space. The stainless steel appliances were upgraded 7 years ago. There's an intercom system a...
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There are more prospects for hard money lenders to expand outside of New York City and the boroughs than ever before.Due to lower demand, the NYC economy's closure, harsh legislative limitations on property owners, and general mass migration out of the city, real estate investors are looking for alternate destinations around the country.Here are some broad pointers for hard money lenders wishing to extend their businesses outside of New York City.Outside of the New York City area, educate your staff about prospective areas and investment and development trends.Concentrate your efforts at first on a particular place, and try to personalize your loan services to meet the local lending demands in that region.Examine the general level of competitiveness and private money available in those ...
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By Mark Motes, We Buy Houses for Cash in Birmingham, AL
(Mark Buys Houses)
It is common belief that a beautiful website is what you need to convert the most website traffic. Hiring a web designer for several thousands of dollars then seems like a great investment. The problem that a lot of businesses then face is this: your website doesn’t convert traffic.If your conversion rate is less than 2% on your homepage, then consider the following tips to help tweak your results.Tip #1: Make your Call-To-Action ClearThis might seem like a no brainer to some, but your CTA(Call-To-Action) needs to be crystal clear on your home page. More importantly, you should have your main CTA at the top AND bottom of your page. This Real Estate Investor has their CTA clearly at the top and bottom of their pages. Moreover, the CTA button is a different color scheme than the rest of t...
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Acquiring your dream home can be a daunting task. Many various features need to be considered to ultimately get down to your dream home. There are many checklists to support you determine what to look for when examining a home before you buy and You may have gone through some checklists to assist you to find what to view when inspecting a home. But most of the time these lists just contain very crucial features such as room dimensions, area, etc. These are the most prominent points to look out for, but there are many other features to be taken into account to help you plan a home that is suitable for you and your family. In this section, we will look into the list of factors to consider, which can be overlooked when purchasing a home.Child security and SafetyEven though we regularly mak...
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Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will make. It can be overwhelming to think about navigating everything on your own, especially for first-time homeowners. The thing is, the real estate market is not the same as it used to be. In Lake Sunapee Region alone, there are many new laws and regulations that can make the process of renting, buying, or selling a home complicated and time-consuming. With an experienced professional on your side, you'll save yourself from missing out on important deadlines or end up with a deal that's not in your best interest. Hiring a real estate agent will ensure that you get the most money for your property and find properties that match what you're looking for, so there's no need to waste time searching endlessly online.Besid...
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New York City Taxi Fare Information If you are traveling to a foreign country and would require a taxi, there are three options available. You can opt for a taxi driver who speaks English or for a cabriolet that speaks your language. Alternatively, you can travel with a regular taxicab that can take you to the airport or any other point of destination. In all cases, you will need to contact a taxi driver to book a vehicle. Hiring a taxicabriolet is more convenient than speaking to a taxi driver. It is no surprise that these taxis are usually reserved for corporate travel and company events. You should not only be able to get a good feel for the company through the driver, but also by talking to people who have gotten rides from it. Another important aspect of operating a taxi is vehicle...
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Being in a whole different career for the past 25 years, at this point in my life with all this uncertainty in the world; changing my career might be a big mistake or a blessing in disguise.  Well, I took the plunge into real estate. I signed up for online classes to get my real estate license 14 hours into the lesson, I come upon a section that makes me rethink my choices. The chapter on how you can lose your real estate license. I have never thought about how it is so easy to lose your license. as I'm going over the chapter I realize that an error on your dates or simply not giving a copy of the paperwork can have you lose your license and have disciplinary effects.Further, I read the chapter I understand how it can affect thousands of dollars to you and your customer. What I walk awa...
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By Adam Dilger
(JP and Associates)
While many areas of the economy have contracted, the housing market has stayed remarkably strong. But can the good news last? When COVID-related shutdowns began in March, real estate brokers and clients scrambled to respond to the shift. Record-low interest rates caused some lenders to call a halt to new underwriting, and homeowners debated whether or not to put their houses on the market. However, those first days of uncertainty ushered in a period of unprecedented demand in the U.S. real estate market, which ended the year with increasing average home prices (up 13.4% from the previous year) and shrinking days on market (13 fewer than in 2019).1Now, as the spring market approaches, you may be wondering whether the good times can continue to roll on. If you’re a homeowner, should you t...
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By Justin Montoya, We are experts at home buying.
Selling your house can be really tiresome and emotionally difficult, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. People don't realize that it's more than just four walls and a roof to you. Sometimes you will feel like it's a breach in your privacy because of unknown people coming to your house and roaming around. They will open your closets and check your cabinets, sometimes they will stick their nose in your personal things. They might say things about your house which you may not like. And one thing for sure they will never be ready to pay you the correct worth of your house. Being a first timer, having no experience in this field, there are high chances that you will end up making a lot of mistakes. To avoid many of these pitfalls that's where “We Buy Cash Kc” comes into play. ...
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