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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Renita Crawley, Associate Broker- 404.955.5977
(Renita Venture Capital LLC)
Welcome to Madison Landing. Located Gwinnett County where some of the BEST SCHOOL DISTRICTS are metro ATLANTA!View this rare move-in ready, FENCED IN BACKYARD, 3 bedroom 2 and 1/2 bath single family home with an open floor plan! Enjoy all the amenities conveniently located in the subdivision such as a Clubhouse, Walking Trails playground.This amazing floor plan has a spacious living room connected to an open kitchen, with stainless steel appliances and all with elegant trim designs!Enjoy having a fenced in backyard FULL OF OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT. Invite Friends and Family to visit while you enjoy all the comforts of home! ONLY 4 DAYS TO SHOW! WILL GO FAST!Click the link for more info! 
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By Landmark Finance, Benefits of hiring a mortgage broker
(Landmark Finance)
Hiring a mortgage broker comes with numerous benefits whether you plan to refinance your current loan or purchase a new house. As a matter of fact, you will have to decide whether to hire a mortgage broker or work directly with a lender. Usually, a broker is referred to as someone who connects the buyer with the seller. They work hard to ensure that they find the best loan package for their clients. Therefore, they work as intermediaries and in most cases, they do everything to ensure that their clients get good value for their money or the fee cost.  First of all, mortgage brokers are considered the best choice by lenders. The reason behind this is because they have carried out numerous transactions with various banks hence they have most of their contacts. For example, banks in Montre...
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By Carly Overton
(Team Lloyd Realty)
Are you thinking of moving to Jacksonville? If so, you're in for a treat! This vibrant city has something for everyone. From the beaches to the downtown area, there's always something new to explore. In this guide, we will outline everything you need to know about relocating to Jacksonville. We'll cover topics such as housing, jobs, and schools. So whether you're just starting your research or are ready to pack your bags, this guide is for you!If you're considering a move to Jacksonville, the first thing you need to do is research the cost of living. This will give you an idea of what your budget should be. Jacksonville is a relatively affordable city, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment being $850. You can also expect to pay around $100 for utilities each month. When it c...
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By landmark realties, Landmark group specialize in Montreal Real Estate
(Landmark Realties)
Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa's housing markets will most likely be the ones to set the pace for price changes across the country. According to CMHC, prices will range from $743,100 to $831,100 on average in 2023 and from $756,500 to $867,800 on average in 2024. The federal government outlined a strategy to lower the cost of homeownership in Canada for first-time buyers in its 2022 budget. By the end of 2022, the average home price in Montreal is predicted to rise by almost 12%. Despite government vows to cool the market, house costs are expected to climb even more in 2022. This year's average price of a Montreal home is expected to rise even further, according to Royal LePage's House Price Survey and Forecast, which was issued on February 1. The average price of a property i...
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Kelly Evans and Associates OverviewMapsPhotosFeaturesDescriptionOpen HouseMarket Stats $740,000 Single Family Home Main Features 4 Bedrooms2 Full Bathrooms1 UnitInterior: 1,781 sqftLot: 5,150 sqftYear Built: 1969MLS #: 222003328 Location 1845 Pamela CourtSimi Valley, CA 93065USA Kelly Evans (805)   Listed by: eXp Realty Nearby properties for sale
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By David DiNatale, Florida Hard Money | Private Money Lender
(Capital Funding Financial LLC)
7 Advantages of using a Private Money Lender  7 ADVANTAGES OF USING A PRIVATE MONEY LENDER FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTING  Are you looking to purchase or renovate a investment property but you are short on funds? There is a solution by utilizing a “private money lender” to fund your project. But before you get started, you should explore your financing options and ensure you work with the best lender who is fast, easy, and reliable.Private lenders are some of the best options when it comes to closing on a rental property or fix and flip project. If you have no experience working with a private lender, you need to start educating yourself on the subject before finalizing which lender is right for you. Here are the 7 Key Advantages you’ll get from a Private Lender. Private Lenders Have a Short...
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By Zhen Yang, Trying to get a license now
Good record keeping is not just a required activity we have to do, it will benefit us as an agent in the long run as well.The reason I think people don't like to do it might be because they think they can remember everything or might be because they don't know how to do it.My experience is I need to find the right tool, mainly the right software to do it. I believe there are tons of them out there and some of them might be even free. For example, there's Google drive you can use for free.
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By Linda Skaggs
Accounting- an agent must handle clients money in a careful way by putting it in the right account within 3 days of receiving it.Care- agent must take care of the clients needs that are legalConfidentiality- agent must keep everything confidential about their clientDisclosure- agent must tell all info to their client about a property or dealLoyalty- agent must put clients needs above their ownObedience- an agent must do what the client asks as long as it’s legal 
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By Mardi Goldberg Black, Home Staging and Interior Redesigning
(Time For U, llc)
Time For U is Certified in offering Home Staging and Interior Redesigning.   Let's Remix, Reuse, Redesign with most of what you already have with decluttering and adding 'fresh' pieces to add a designer touch.  Let's stage your real estate property to attract potential buyers for a faster sale.Special Event Assistance.- Local Ceramic Artist on staff as well as a Piano Player for live piano music option as we consult and provide services.---------------------------------------------When you need a little more time for you, contact us at Time For U! Interior Redesign We offer Interior Redesign so rooms appear less cluttered, more attractive, comfortable and functional by adding a touch of a designer look. We use most of what you already own, adding fresh pieces to highlight each room.  We...
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By Marie Cappello, New Manufactured Homes Factory-Direct to Your Site
(The Homes Shop)
There is a solution. A new manufactured home can be bought for $95,000 to $324,000, and if you place the home on a permanent foundation on your land, in your back yard, or in a park, and you obtain a 433A certificate confirming the permanent foundation, they are treated by appraisers and lenders the same as if they were custom-built stick-homes on your site. In other words, these homes can become valuable assets once they are placed on their foundations.We're a family owned-business, and we specialize in helping people find an alternative to today's over-the-top prices.  Check out the beautiful homes on our website, https://www.thehomesshop.comIf you'd like a free consultation, just text me your name and phone number, or give me a call at 760-507-1222
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By Matt Jamieson
In the real estate industry there are thousands of professional that have taken the craft or art of real estate to new levels on a daily basis.  They have shown a great passion for craft or art of real estate.Many hours of study, learning about the areas they serve will help make them very knowledgeable and will help the potential buyer who seeks them out.  Not knowing what you are trying to present is bad and not preparing is even worse.  Each of us has to start somewhere and we all get nervous when starting something new.  When I was new paramedic it very quickly occurred to me that I was the guy.  The patient care was directed by me and how the call went was resting on my shoulders.  I have spent hundreds of hours in school and on clinical practice.  I was told once that I should not...
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By Thomas Myers, We Buy Houses AS IS, No Fees, Close in 7 days!
(Need To Sell My House Fast in Denver)
Social Media Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents  Social media is a one-stop shop for buyers and sellers looking to either sell a property or buy their first or second home. For many realtors, conventional marketing strategies like bandit signs, radio ads, cold calling, and running newspaper ads to sell properties quickly worked well in the past. However, things have changed, and now social media is the new marketplace. What Social Media Platform is Best For Realtors?The best social media platform for realtors is either Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn at the moment. Facebook is arguably by far the most popular social media platform in real estate, followed by Instagram and last but not least LinkedIn. Social media marketing for real estate agents involves building trust among your au...
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By Luke Marshall, Mortgage Broker Serving Oregon and Colorado
(Premier Family Mortgage LLC)
For longer than I've been alive, my dad, John Marshall has been a hockey fan. From the Colorado Rockies to the Denver Grizzlies and then finally Colorado got an NHL team the year after I was born, the Colorado Avalanche.Their first year in Colorado they won the Cup, the first major Colorado sports team to win a championship EVER! That's when it all started, since day one our family has been supporting the Avalanche. Then in 2001 they won the Cup a second time but since then they've struggled to get close.The Avalanche had the fewest points in the NHL in the 2016-2017 season, over 20 points behind the second worst team. They've since rebounded and been in the playoffs the past 5 years and made the dream of winning a Cup a reality!In 2017 moved to Oregon and never took a break from follow...
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By Stratton Real Estate Group, Tucson's Top Real Estate Team
(Stratton Group Keller Williams Southern Arizona)
The term escrow may be a confusing or intimidating term for first time home buyers and sellers but knowing what escrow is and how it affects the purchasing or sale of a property is helpful and can determine how you decide to tackle this stage in the transaction process!  Before we start into the details of this process, a good place to start is by defining what exactly escrow is: it is defined as a legal arrangement in which a third-party holds money or property until a particular condition has been met and transfer of ownership can be made. This condition is usually the purchase agreement being fulfilled.  An escrow agreement contains the conditions and terms between the two parties of a financial transaction and also includes the responsibilities of each party. Items and assets placed...
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By RUFUS SPRAGUE, Best Notary Public in Long Beach
Do you need a notary?What can a notary public do for you? If you’re looking for an official witness for a variety of documents that require such a service, you may need a notary. Here’s more about what a notary is and what a notary does.The National Notary Association notes:  A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by state government —typically by the secretary of state — to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. These official acts are called notarizations, or notarial acts. Notaries are publicly commissioned as “ministerial” officials, meaning that they are expected to follow written rules without the exercise of significant personal discretion, as would otherwise b...
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By Sharon Marshall
(Luxury Property Care)
Having a well-organized house that functions for an everyday living takes time to achieve. It requires putting in the time and having the right supplies for storage that allows for a harmonious aesthetic.Whether it’s holiday decorations, winter clothing, legal documents, or children's toys, storage that’s out of the way yet easy to access is an important system for the home. This helps owners avoid exhaustive hunts for items and feel more at ease in their space.The goal should be to keep belongings so organized that a room’s contents add to rather than complicate daily living. Besides saving time, removing frustration, and creating more usable space, there’s yet another benefit to home organization. Homeowners who decide to sell will find they need less time to ready their homes before ...
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By Totality RE, CRM for Real Estate Developers
Keep in touch and engage with your current client base to generate referral-based lead creation. With Repeople, a Real Estate Marketing Referral System, you can create your own branded app solutions to deliver and manage a comprehensive community life within your projects and leverage true word-of-mouth exposure.
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By Franchesca Duarte, Real Estate Agent serving Fort Worth/Dallas
(Duarte Real Estate Atelier - JPAR)
Being in Real Estate business only 2 short years has proven that every day is an opportunity to cheer on the woman around you. Unfortunately we all at some point experienced not so much kindness with other fellow entrepreneurs in the industry... .Every day you can choose community over competition, kindness over jealousy, empower over shame, positiveness over bad energy, encouragement over negative, smiles over frowned upon... Because the truth is, everyone out there is doing their best.. .She too has a dreams and passion; and a little self-doubt. I'm not in competition with each other, When we celebrate each other, encourage each other, cheer on each other, we raise each other up. We are all more similar than we realize and when we can bring our dreams, our hopes, our support and our p...
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By Conner Snowden
My blog today is about reits or real estate investments trust. I am supposed to know what this is by now but here I am still pretty unsure. To my understanding a reit is used to purchase things like apartment complexes and large buildings. I think this is a way to use money that you make from the building to pay off a loan of so short 
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By Ron Tyler, Prysma Lending Group
(Prysma Lending Group)
Before you start bidding on potential houses, consider a few aspects of the lending process. Consumers of mortgage lenders must meet certain criteria. The following information will help you get the best interest rate when you apply for a loan.A strong credit score will undoubtedly help you receive the best mortgage rate. You're more likely to receive loan offers with favorable terms if your credit score is good. A lower credit score, on the other hand, will mean a higher interest rate.In general, the higher your credit score, the lower the mortgage rate you'll be offered by lenders. So, do everything you can to improve your credit score by paying off as many credit card bills and other personal debts as you can. Your credit score will rise as well if you have a consistent income.Assume...
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