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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Billy Lawson, "Time to get to Work"
(32Homes LLC)
Education and preparation are key to home improvement and maintenance.  Know some basic information about your home and property.  Example - questions on plumbing such as -  What Flood Zone is your property in? How old are your plumbing pipes and fixtures? Where do you source your home’s water? What kind of waste system do you use? Have there been any major (or minor!) renovations to your plumbing before? Does your plumbing have any additional risks such as sewer backup?Tree root damage? or Low Water Pressure? Have your neighbors experienced any issues with roadblocks or other delays? It's a good idea in Flash Flood zones is to keep your emergency supplies on the upper floors of your house.  This can include items like a life raft or an ax to help you access the roof!   You need more th...
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Commercial Properties : Commercial domain will mostly be hired to interior design of commercial buildings and business place in the profession. while this area is more interested, there is still quite a piece of room or building for creativity. Also, renovating a commercial space is a big aspiration.Commercial building reconstruction is a considerable agreement for any property owner. It's so big that many will only go through a major reconstruct. Start research and working with top commercial contractors is essential. Commercial property design, the functionality of the interior design still plays a meaningful role. Commercial spaces or offices also need to be in line with the brand image of the property.
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I'm a former Active Rain member and went in different career directions outside of the real estate industry. After an 11 year hiatus I'm very excited and proud to by back as a member if the Rippe Real Estate Group with Compass Los Gatos CA. Looking forward greatly to making new friends here and building mutually beneficial professional relationships here as the best Realtor networking and blog hosting platform I've even been involved with #ActiveRain! 
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By The Woodland Companies of Alaska, Alaska Forest Land Experts!
(Woodland Management Service)
Alaska Forestland; Hunting, Timber, Investments! When looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Forestland anywhere in Alaska, there is only one place to call. When you need an Expert in all facets of Timberland, Hunting Land, and Investment Properties; Call on the Forestland Experts at Woodland Management Service and Woodland Real Estate, Keller Williams Fox Cities and their Alaska real estate associates. The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with hunting and timber land investments throughout North America. When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the Forest Land Professionals.
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My name is Tatiana and I am a Realtor in the State of California.  I have been in California for a little bit over 3 years now and i am still building up my business. When Covid hit it was hard for me. Since that I am new in the Business here, I was relying on building my new clientele by organizing get togethers, dinner parties and so on.  During the first year of Covid, I wasnt able to do that anymore and business were really slow. I started thinking about different ways of getting myself more clients and thought about investing in an online marketing tool. I found at the time Zillow.  I talked to someone in Sales from Zillow and they sold me the idea that If i signed up with them, that they would send me vetted leads of real estate buyers. It was a hard decision to make, as it would ...
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By Eleanor Mann, Marketing ideas for Real Estate Pros
     You’ve made a new blog post for your real estate website, now what?You’ve carefully written and revised a fantastic real estate blog post for your website. You’ve handed it over to your web designer and they posted it on your website. Are you done? Like, “set it and forget it”?No way, Jose! No one in the world will see it, except your friends and family that you insisted look at it. Are they your homebuying prospects? Nah. You need to shout it out so the world can see it. But how?Here are some quick and easy things you can do to get the word out; Use a ping tool to send your new post out to the search engines. Post the article url on all your social media with a provocative comment to let people know it’s worth clicking on. Go on to Quora, write a question that your article answers...
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Just because some real estate is inexpensive doesn't suggest it's a much better deal. Or would it?Though home prices have been soaring in just about every part of the region, you may still find marketplaces where property is affordable, developing an opportunity for potentially above-market place returns.Real Estate Investing for Beginners: Wholesaling Houses InfoIn this article, we'll talk about the possible advantages and drawbacks of buying low-cost real-estate, and frequent real estate investing strategies buyers use to get affordable real estate to help increase their inactive income and boost the efficiency with their rental residence stock portfolio.Benefits of Buying Inexpensive True EstateLet's begin with discussing the most notable possible great things about affordable real-e...
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By Michael Jean-paul
(Value Real Estate)
I Need to Sell My House Fast, What Are My Options?6 Strategies to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market?1. Stage your HomeStaging your property can easily catch the attention of the buyers. But how can you stage your home in the best way? Here I am providing some effective ways to stage your home.• De-personalize Your PropertyYou may feel bad hearing these. Remove all the family photos, self-portraits, and other memorable substances from the house. It brings more value to your house and draws people’s attention faster.• Clean your HouseNaturally, a buyer is more likely to buy a property that is clean inside and out than a property surrounded by trash and dirt. So, for getting some potential buyers you must keep your property clean and clear.• Complete Patching and FixingMore or less every ...
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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I have recently started taking my real estate classes and was instructed to do a blog on this page. I have read a few blogs from a few months ago to recent. I chose a topic from my class as money fraud as the title states and the reason I chose it was because I as a trainee to this amazing profession never really thought about or even heard about agents doing this to their clients. I done a few google researches and saw a lot of scams on this and how to avoid it but I wonder how legit those are as well. If anyone has information on them feel free to let me know because as a new soon to be agent I am curious to know what to be informed of and how to deal with those situations if any ever occur. Thank you your comment will be appericate and I hope to po...
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Moving is always stressful especially if you moving long-distance.There are a few ways to move to Miami - renting a van and move with help of your friends or hiring some movers to help you load and unload the truck, hiring van lines, if you are flexible with the delivery days, or hiring a local moving company who can help you with express delivery.Renting a van is always a good idea if you have some moving experience and want to save some cash, and also a pretty strong person because it requires a lot of power to move couches, boxes, and other heavy stuff. It's definitely impossible to move alone, that's why you have to make sure you ask a couple of your friends or hire helpers to help you with a task. Movign takes a lot of energy and very stressful, that's why in some cases saving even...
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By Cardinal Creek Properties, realestate
(Cardinal Creek Properties)
Cardinal Creek Properties is a real estate solutions company based out of Trenton.  We’re a family owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell their house for all kinds of reasons. 
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Procedural Posture Defendant notary public sought review of the judgment of the Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco (California), which awarded damages to plaintiff devisee for drawing an invalid will. Overview The principal question was whether the notary public was under a duty to exercise due care to protect the devisee from injury and was liable for damage caused the devisee by his negligence even though they were not in privity of contract. The transfer of real estate Quitclaim Deed ca in this law. The court held that the aim of the transaction was to provide for the passing of the decedent's estate to the devisee. The notary public must have been aware from the terms of the will that if faulty solemnization caused the will to be invalid the devisee would suffer ...
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With an increase in mobile trend, more and more business owners are opting for a mobile app.How a mobile app will benefit your business.-Brand awarenessStatistics shows that on average a person spends more then 5 hours a day using their mobile devices and they prefer a native mobile app rather that a website. Only about 15% of customers go to browsers rather than use the native app. Your app will give the potential to reach a whole new set of customers who are experiencing your brand for the first time.– Direct marketing channelLike all other marketing tools and channels, your app will have the purpose of an Ad. Apps can serve almost for everything: you can find info or prices there, book tables, search features, interact with other users, chat, and review the news feeds. The idea that ...
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By Jesica Wayman
I am a new student enrolled in the Utah Real Estate course and we are learning about the 21 ways to lose a license. I have had my opened to how many dishonest and untrustworthy agents there are out there. I know they show us the bad for the training but the fact that they were true stories was disheartening.I was extremly surprised at the money proplems area. I don't understand how someone who is in the business to help people can knowingly hurt them like they do. I was very disapointed to learn that this actually happens by licensed agents, I guess I was naive to the world that I choose to see as good, this may stem from my previous occupation as a nurse and with me thinking that everyone has the same heart as I do.
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Having aspirational growth on social media has become extremely important, be it any year in the running. But, talking in 2021, Facebook has become a must, simply because it has a massive monthly audience of 2.4 billion. Potential buyers are always making their way to come across businesses like yours But, to tap into this audience, formulating a smart and effective Facebook Marketing strategy is non-negotiable. Take it into consideration when Facebook says, “Your Business Page Is A Cornerstone Of Your Online Identity.”Why Is Facebook Marketing Important?This social media platform has 1.56 billion active users, and on average, a person spends 60 minutes each day on Facebook. Now let’s put this into perspective, that many users make almost 20% of the world population and still counting a...
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By Patricia Badovinac, Managing Broker
(NJ Homes for Sale, LLC)
Now is when the earth is greatest at its beauty. Flowers, trees, and nature start anew. There is also the desire to be settled by the school's year-end and before a new school year starts for many families. Then there are the job relocators or empty nesters who need a change of address to accommodate their current needs. Oh, yes, spring eternal full of life, love, and excitement. So clear out those closets, get ready for the coming of a new season to make that ultimate decision buy, sell, or possibly both.
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By Chad Young
(The Easy Home Buyer)
Should you take a cash offer for your house?Not always.The Benefits Of An All Cash Sale Of Your HouseThe benefits of a cash sale are real: money fast when you need it most You don’t have to deal with the hassles of waiting months for a buyer to get a mortgage, only to be told that the lender eliminated the program and you’re back to square one.You don’t have to list your house with a real estate agent and pay a huge commission.You don’t have to deal with a lot of people just “kicking the tires” and checking out your property for fun. We don’t waste your time. This is our business.You don’t need to paint, make repairs, or even clean up. We take properties just as they are. You won’t waste money on junk haulers or contractors.You don’t need to deal with any paperwork. We have it all cover...
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By ActiveRain Dev, Continuous Improvement
It's been a busy week for us ActiveRain developers.  We have released a number of changes  that will hopefully make your experience better.Here's what we've released this week:- Minor formatting and text changes to the site layout and several pages- Bug fixes to the front-end codeHope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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By Lorelei Nielsen, Mountains to the Sea Homes
Real estate analysts CoreLogic said the price of a single-family home in San Diego County will increase 8.3 percent from November 2020 to November 2021. That means the median price of house in San Diego could be around $776,000 by the end of the year.Like much of the state, San Diego County never fully recovered from the 2008 recession and financial crisis before the recession, financial crash and pandemic slammed the region in 2020.The economic response to COVID-19 and the underlying recession caused record job losses in 2020, which are very gradually being recovered. Still, 2020’s record-low interest rates have maximized buyer purchasing power and inflated home prices. As we head deeper into the recession, expect to see home sales volume and prices decline, dragged down by the coming ...
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By Samantha Palmer
   Hello to all who are reading this! My name is Sam and I’m excited to be apart of this industry. I’m currently in school right now and am enjoying my time and learning a lot.    We were given an assignment to discuss one of the 21 ways to lose a license and I decided to talk about being dishonest. It’s so easy to do, or not to do. There’s some pretty big consequences which ever way you decide to go. Personally, I wouldn’t want to lose my license over being dishonest. It’s important, especially in this industry, to be honest because a lot of the time you’re dealing with peoples life’s savings. I think in a situation where you could want to lie about something that might put an extra buck or two in your pocket probably isn’t worth it in the end. If anyone ever found out you or someone e...
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