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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Branton Stanley, Future Real Estate Professional
Comments 7
Breaching your fiduciary duties to your client is one way to lose a real estate license. But what does it mean to breach one's fiduciary duties?  BreachGoogle defines the word Breach as: "an act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct." So, breaching one's fiduciary...

By Adam Ackley
(Vista Homes)
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5308 Borneo CircleAbsolute bargain! Unbelievable price! Priced low & firm for your pre-approved buyer who wants a great deal on a super home in a great area. Hurry it won't last long at this low, low, price so do your buyer a favor and write me a squeaky clean full price offer today -- and save ...

By Braxton Bennett
Comments 7
Real Estate Agents are business owners.  They work with a brokerage but many times they manage their own information and records.  Businesses require a substantial amount of information that has a need to be recorded.  That may be transactions, sales, listings, offers, tax information and more.  ...

By Will Bennett, Blogging information to all and for everyone
(Blogging Info)
Comments 225
Basic Business Blogging StatisticsBig picture: Publishing content on blogging platforms is serious business and people read that content. Google indexes blog content so articles show up in search results. For companies wanting to compensate for the growing use of ad blockers, blog content works.1...

By Stephanie Acker, Mortgage Loan Originator
(Banas Mortgage Company, LTD.)
Comments 5
Hello!! My name is Stephanie Acker (Ayy-Ker). I moved to New York in September of 2017, and started as a receptionist (while completing all state and national Mortgage Loan Originator licensure requirements) at Banas Mortgage Company in January, 2018! We are located in Williamsville, NY, and serv...

By Home Blogger, Helpful tips, info and gadgets to make life better
(Home Blogger)
Comments 344
"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." By that, Tolstoy meant that for a marriage to be happy, it had to succeed in several key aspects. At least they share certain basic characteristics. Here are a few of the foundations experts say are key to a loving, c...

By Seashore Partners, Web development services, IT Consulting Services
Comments 3
As an enterprise what is your major concern? Most of you would answer, extending immediate support to the customers. How many of you try to break down this issue, and figure out what can be truly done?Chat support is one of the ways of extending immediate support. However, the need for a human re...

By Randy Nathan
(Greenpath Funding)
Comments 7
 La Mesa is a city within the general San Diego area. It has its own excellent school district and police department. You could say La Mesa has its own cultural vibe. With the median home price starting at $566,900. This is slightly more affordable than the City of San Diego and the median rent i...

By Ty Longmire
(Alpine Business Brokers)
Comments 5
Honesty and integrity are the foundation for a succesful career as a real estate agent. This is because the real estate business revolves around reputation and fiduciary trust. The interesting thing is that honesty and integrity can not be taught. Well, I guess you can teach about the subjects bu...

By Ken Jones, Helping Agents Build a Secure Financial Future
(Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor)
Comments 3
In this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show, I discuss the very hot safety issue of whether or not it's a good idea for home sellers to use video surveillance to monitor buyers and real estate agents when their selling their home.I raise some very important questions regarding the expectati...

By Alpha Lion Properties, sell your house fast san antonio, sell your house
Comments 4
Wondering how to sell your house fast in Bexar County or in San Antonio and surrounding areas?! Avoid foreclosure, Probate problems. We buy your house Fast! Get your No Obligation quote today! As the wildlife increased, the lions came further down into communal lands to hunt. we buy houses new br...

By Zig K., Observer
Comments 7
The most important step when it comes to buying a home is obtaining your financing. Because at the end the day if you don't have the money to buy a house you're not going to buy a house. So this is really the first step that you should take. From my real retate experience I know a good credit sc...

By Mohib Abbas, Freelance Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant
Comments 5
If you are in need to elevate the mood then make sure that the place you spend most of your time have the elaborated lighting. This is the positive effect which a person can have on their way of living and making sure that everything stay how they actually planned them. Are you looking for tips m...

By A Warren, Community Bank Employee
(Community Bank)
Comments 4
Maybe you are considering selling your home,  looking to see how much equity you have, or just want to know your home's value? It's good to know your house value in today's market and to keep tabs on it every once in a while. Who knows, you might be surprised? But what is the most reliable way t...

By Beatrice Alba Martinez, Your Dallas Realtor
(Beatrice Martinez Realtors)
Comments 8
When you are looking for a Real Estate Agent that will help you from the beginning to the end of the home buying process I am that agent.  I am very familiary with the Dallas Metroplex and community.  If you are looking for a home in the intercity by one of our arts district or looking for a home...

By Best Realty Blog, is a real estate blog
(Best Realty Blog)
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Best Realty Blog aims to help you better understand the real estate process. Explores a variety of real estate topics such as residential and commercial real estate, buyer & seller tips, property listings, renovation tips, mortgage, financing strategies, etc. For more information, visit http://be...

By Sonja Tijmann, Residential homes, condos, multifamily, land
(Keller Williams)
Comments 4
I've enjoyed working with military families in Kitsap, Jefferson and Mason Counties for the past 4 years. Then I found out about Homes for Heroes. They give back to those dedicated individuals who serve as Military, Healthcare Workers, EMS, Teachers, Law Enforcement and Firefighters when looking ...

By Karen Booze, Live National Answering Service for Real Estate
Comments 4
  Relationships matter in the real estate industry. Understanding your clients and what they need in a property is essential in building a successful brokerage. As a real estate professional, you’re probably pretty good with people. You understand the importance of empathy, listening, and strikin...

By Tonya R. Taylor, Tell me 1 thing you want to learn about marketing?
Comments 64
 Is your real estate agent bio really a resume?Yes, surely they (your broker, the social media expert in your office or whoever is helping with your real estate marketing) will tell you to include your picture, education, organizations you belong to, your charitable giving, awards, information ab...
If you mention something to do with golf, almost everyone will relate it to opulence and class. It is a dream of almost every ardent golfer to own a house near a golf course. There is a huge chance that if you have been talking to a real estate agent, he must have brought the idea of purchasing a...