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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Megan Isbell, Industry Observer
(Agent Professor)
Comments 4
I am a licensee student and I am eager to start! As a student, I learned about Rights in Real Estate ownership. There are 5 rights along with rights that pertain to the surface, air, and subsurface of the property that I am learning about. The main 5  rights include right of possession, use, tran...

By Andy Emory
Comments 0
My online class is having me post about the importance of keeping good records, thereby avoiding the potential for bad record keeping.  This is a duty of a licensee, so it is imporant to comply.  It also helps to keep your work organized and remain professional.

By Michael Alvarez, ANY Loans Secured by Real Estate
(Capital Funding)
Comments 3
Agents are learning their relationship to a mortgage broker who pays 2-3 point towards closing costs can entice a buyer to sign their exclusive agency agreement. A mortgage broker can do this when he has the lowest rates to begin with. So even if a buyer does not need or want help with closing co...

By Ian Ruzow, Ian Ruzow is principal and co-founder of Oak Tree
(Oak Tree Development Group)
Comments 5
Luxury living is coming to Lititz, PA, like it has never been seen before.48 on the Park, offers Lancaster County’s first high end custom condominiums with full concierge services. Even though scholars trace the first condominiums back to 1st century Babylon, the concept is relatively new here in...

By Pearson Sutter, Property Appraisals
Comments 6
  It's National Do Something Nice Day!   When I was a child and found myself feeling unhappy or perhaps feeling sorry for myself about one thing or another, the advice I would receive from my mom was, "Go find someone and do something nice for them!" To my pleasure and also my surprise, when I f...

By Eada Hudes
Comments 5
A home is our comfort place, our own private space! Who wouldn't want it to be visually appeasing?! We all want the aesthetics of our property to be on point, whether we are living in it, or we are planning to sell it. Home staging is one of the most crucial things that could either make or break...

By Patrick Sharples, Commercial Director
(G&S Group | KW Commercial)
Comments 3
Many seniors think that purchasing a property in a mobile home park is a viable solution when they are looking to downsize and retire. Unfortunately, this may more than likely not be the case - especially if you are purchasing a home in a mobile home park with space rent. Many cities and counties...

By clarissa cohen, Business/Hard Money Specialist serving nationwide.
(Clarissa Cohen)
Comments 6
 Hello Realtors, Investors and Brokers! We provide creative solutions for hard money commercial lending.  We know there are more than one hard money lender that can perform, but we pride ourselves on being the quickest at getting loans funded; structuring the deal properly so that it will get to ...

By Jen Blaske, Disney World blogger and musician
(Three Kids, Three Cats, and a Husband)
Comments 7
I kind of can't believe it myself,  but next month we'll have lived in our home for twenty-two years. Twenty-two years! It's the only home we've ever owned as adults, and the only home that our three children have even known. Our home was built in 1974, which is not old old, but old enough. In th...
Before finding email addresses for email marketing, keep yourself in the place of receiver and send yourself an email. After sending question yourself, does it look legit or spam? Is it valuable or just a time waste? Obviously, you'll never open a spam email or a time waster. So, make sure to mak...

By Amit Thakur, Market Researcher and analysis
(Xotiv Technologies)
Comments 8
Digital marketing is changing the way things were been marketed before. Over the last few years, digital marketing has played an important role in the advertising and branding of any small or large scale organization. Digital Marketing not only helps in growing the brand image and increasing the ...

By Brenton Fernandez, Real estate agency serving eastern Phoenix Arizona
(Brenton Group)
Comments 0
 4 bedroom 4.5 bath custom home in northeast Mesa. Gorgeous home perfect for an entertainer in Thunder Mountain Estates. Incredible detail throughout, 12FT iron and glass entry doors, exquisite foyer with lighted art niches. Open floor-plan is very welcoming. Luxurious master suite with a sitting...

By Chris Harrison, Industry Observer
Comments 6
You all know the classic maxim: "Every journey begins with a single step" or something like that.Well, I've taken my first step.My classification as a member of this community is "Industry Observer."But I will do more than observe. I will learn all I can and listen to those who have more experien...

By Felix Garcia
(Marketing Expertus)
Comments 6
Every company, regardless of their size, needs to have a marketing strategic plan if they wish to remain in business or grow. But it is not easy to choose a marketing agency to partner with. As a marketing consultant, I always advise my clients on what factor to look for when hiring a marketing a...

By Tracey Barlow, I am working for a home improvement project....
(Home Improvement)
Comments 5
All of us hate home cleansing. There is absolutely no way close to it. Unless we would like to reside in the pigpen, we must grab throughout the house from time to time. If you fail to maintain de-cluttering your house, you can hire a house cleaning service rather. Dealing with chores is possible...

By Peter Wilson, The innovation of landscaping.
Comments 7
Fake grass may be what you're looking for, as it gives a lush surface area for your landscaping with no need for water or maintenance. Often, many people do not realise what a fake yard can do to the overall appearance of the home. Fake grass has come to be the turf of choice for home owners look...

By Abel Brennan, Hello , I am Sales Manager in Top Media.
(Top Media)
Comments 4
When you need to take a copy of a page, you ask for Xerox and not a copy, right? In the same way, if you want to purchase a cold drink you ask for coke or cola and not a cold drink. There are lots of brands in the market that have established an effective business branding perception in the minds...

By Josh Wilson, Development & Training is just another valued path
Comments 5
Employee Training does not have an immediate capital gain; however, it is going to decrease your Workers turnover and also help sustain the wealth of your company. Business Training is making a significant and unprecedented effect on company, financially, on Coaching outcomes and importantly in e...

By Alisson Alencar
Comments 5
There are several reasons that justify the choice of a real estate to broker the purchase of the house as a good strategy.Ease of finding real estate in the correct profile, experience in negotiating prices and forms of payment and knowledge of all stages of purchase of the property are only 3 of...

By PJ Wilkins, Tucson native & market expert!
(Social Real Estate AZ at HomeSmart Advantage Group)
Comments 5
1. CURRENT MORTGAGE RATES AND TERMSAre interest rates still affordable? Are low down payment loans available? Are you offering any incentives?Providing the buyer with an estimate principal and interest sheet will go along way to showing the affordability of your home.  2. STAGINGIs your home prep...