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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By David Ramirez, Tax Representation at its Best
(Tax Relief Services)
How to Resolve Your IRS Tax ProblemsIt’s no secret that dealing with the IRS can be a daunting task for business owners. From tax audits to missed payments, there are plenty of ways to get on the wrong side of the IRS. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to resolve your IRS tax problems and get back on track with the government agency. Understand Your Tax Problem – One of the first steps in resolving an IRS tax problem is understanding what kind of issue you’re facing. Are you dealing with an audit? Do you have overdue taxes? Knowing exactly what kind of tax problem you’re facing is key to finding a resolution. The more information you have about your situation, the easier it will be to come up with a solution. Seriously Consider Professional Help – If you’re not sure how to ...
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By Femme Capital Partners, Residential & Commercial Mortgage Broker
(Femme Capital Partners)
Why Trust Femme Capital Partners To Be Your Mortgage Broker?  Femme Capital Partners is a lending and small business consulting firm committed to strengthening financial futures.  We are a full-service, residential and commercial mortgage broker based in Chicago, IL , also serving Florida and Coming Soon....... South Carolina.  Our mission is simple, strengthen financial futures while paving the way to long-term wealth.   How Do We Accomplish Providing a Mortgage Loan? Concrete Communication Femme Capital Partners utilizes a hands on approach that allows our clients to have direct access to us as their trusted advisors. We provide clarity, so that our client’s feel comfortable and never forgotten. Exponential ValueOur commitment to our Chicagoland clients goes beyond the initial partne...
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By Lachelle Burns
(Real Estate)
I believe that neglecting our fiduciary duties is one of the biggest ways to lose our licenses. It is our responsibility to take special care of the fiduciary duties and make sure they are applied with every transaction. Within these duties are many different ways to lose your license. Accounting is one part of our fiduciary duties, and can also be another way to lose our licenses. If you receive earnest money from a client you must make sure this money is placed in the proper account. If money is placed within our personal funds, you now are not only neglecting your fiduciary duties but you are commingling money. Resulting in lose of license in two ways. A client must always be taken care of and receive honesty. These are very important for our reputation and for our client. Being dish...
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By Brad McLeese, Residential and Commercial Inspections
(HomeGuard Inspections)
Choosing a home inspector for your home purchase can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many inspectors out there, it's important to be sure that you select the best home inspector for the job. This blog post will provide helpful advice on how to choose the right home inspector. We'll cover topics such as choosing an inspector who has the right credential and certification, the best source for referrals, and more. The National Home Inspector Examination When selecting a home inspector, you should look for a home inspector who has passed the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). The National Home Inspector Examination is a comprehensive written examination that evaluates core competencies in home inspection and proficiency in related areas of practice. Passing this exam shows ...
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By David Williams, Industry Leading Mortgage Lender for over 30 years
(Right Start Mortgage, Inc.)
After a two-year buying frenzy, rising interest rates, inflation, and uncertainty about the economy's future have planted many prospective homebuyers firmly on the sidelines. Will interest rates continue to climb, level out, or return to the unprecedented lows we saw at the height of the pandemic?We hear this question frequently, and experience tells us that the best way to answer it is by analyzing current real estate trends that will impact the housing market. Here’s what we’re seeing.The Market Will Remain SlowOver the last two years, home sales surged at a rate we haven't seen since 2006. To put that into perspective, 6.1 million housing transactions occurred in 2021 alone. Compare that to 5.95 million home sales in 2022. So what do we expect in 2023?Homes will stay on the market lo...
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By Carmine Rauso & Debbie Rauso, Professional REALTORS® and Real Estate Investors
(Keller Williams Main Line)
Welcome to our blog. We are Carmine and Debbie Rauso, a married couple who work together in our passion: real estate! We take tremendous pride in being REALTORs® and it never feels like work. We love what we do, and we love who we work with. When we are not immersed in real estate, we enjoy spending time together. As a married couple of over 23 years, we still seek out opportunities to relax and have fun together. We enjoy exploring different cuisines from around the world and cooking together. We relish gathering with family and friends, exploring scenic bike trails in the area, and spending time with our three kids and our rescue dog. We are 15 year residents in Newtown Square, PA, although we are collectively licensed in PA, DE and MD, serving the greater Philly, Wilmington and Balti...
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By Kimberly Chadwick, Residential realtor with team to serve!
(Keller Williams Realty Group)
Meet Matthew Strauss of the M. Walter Group.  Matthew has been exposed to real estate buying, selling, investing, and managing his entire life.   He specializes in many types of commercial real estate estate, which brings a whole new level of service, knowledge, and expertise to my clients. Together, we proudly work under the Keller Williams brand, specializing in residential, commercial, luxury, land, relocations, business expansion, investment, and OGM (oil, gas and mineral).....nothing is too big or too small.Kim Chadwick 215-527-5134Matthew Strauss 484-961-0731#realestate #luxury #commercialsales #commercialrealestate #leasing #residentialrealestate #realtor #officespace #industrial #OGM #business #kimchadwick #mwalterstrauss  
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By Rhona E. Bryant, CAPM, Project Management Consultant
Would you take your money now or wait?Have you ever wondered why someone receiving a large payout would take it in a lump sum instead of installments over time? It boils down to economics. The principle is that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow because it can earn you money NOW and grow your wealth exponentially for your future.  This principle is known as the time value of money.  How does this apply to you as a commercial property owner?Is there a lottery for commercial property owners that you can start playing? In all jest, no, but there is money waiting for you to claim right inside the walls of your building.Most commercial property owners depreciate their buildings over 39 years.  But there are better ways to do it.  The components of your building depreciate mu...
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By Bradford Simmons, CPA providing tax debt resolution services
(Ocean Consulting Services LLC)
You have tax debt and need help. We’re here to walk you through the tax collections process and develop a personalized plan to address your tax situation.Let’s review our debt resolution process.To begin with we can assist at any stage of the process: Are you about to file your tax returns but don’t have enough money to send in payment - we can help Are you receiving notices from the IRS about your tax debt - we can help Did the IRS notify you that they intend to file a Notice of Tax Lien - we can help Were you just notified that the IRS intends to seize / levy your property - we can help Has the IRS already started taking your property - we can help In other words it’s never too early or too late for us to help.First up - who am I / why should you trust me to resolve your tax debt. I’m...
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By Kent Brown, Your IRS Tax Attorney
(Strong & Hanni)
Salt Lake City, Utah, 2023.  You have been watching late night television, you have seen the commercials - "take care of that tax debt", "pay pennies on the dollar."  "Enough of those sleepless nights" you tell yourself, it is time to pay those pennies and move on.  The late night commercial then shows a happy couple on a golf course after they have paid those pennies.  Is this to good to be true?  Yes!!!To pay those pennies on the dollar the taxpayer usually does this through what is called an offer-in-compromise.  There are two types of offers-in-compromise: Doubt-as-to-Collectability Offer: this is where the taxpayer does not disputes the amount owed in back taxes, but the taxpayer cannot pay the tax debt in full; or Doubt-as-to-Liability Offer: this is where the taxpayer offers to s...
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By Destany Ramirez, REAL ESTATE AGENT
 Enjoy our Arizona winter weather in this beautiful home. Here in Arizona we shovel sun!This Sun City West home features an updated kitchen with quartz countertops, new hardware, and fresh paint. What sets this duplex apart from the others is the added lanai overlooking out to the full-grown citrus trees. Work was done by licensed contractors according to tax records where the floor was leveled out and enclosed for more privacy. When you enter you will be pleasantly surprised by the open concept, new carpet, and shutters throughout. This home is ideal for a snowbird or year-round resident as the windows can be open during the cool winter days and closed for the hot summer nights.  The bedrooms are perfectly sized to fit king beds, with plush neutral-colored carpet and oversized closets ...
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    As a real estate agent, you are usually helping someone during a big time in their life. Sometimes they are buying a house and you are there to help them find something they like that fits their budget and their needs, both at the time and hopefully in the future. Other times, you are there when someone is selling their house. They might have lived there for years or recently bought it but in either case they want you to help them get a fair price for it and to let them know what to expect.    In both cases, they trust you to put their needs and well being first and to let them know if you believe they lack an understanding of the market. There might be a buyer who likes the first house you show them but you realize it has foundation damage or something else that makes it a bad idea...
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By Jackie Sons
(Native Wildflowers Nursery)
Sometimes, life can be very challenging. You can keep a positive spirit. However, there are times when it seems like something needs to be fixed professionally and/or personally, no matter how a person strategizes. And when this happens, there are things we can all do instead of throwing in the towel, getting angry to the point where it raises our blood pressure, and more. There are healthier alternatives, and the following includes those alternatives: Make a Great ListWhen everything fails, it can be hard to maintain self-confidence. Nevertheless, after going through frustration and other negative feelings, it is vital to get a hold of oneself and start to make great lists. One list is of all the things to be grateful for. The other list should be all the accomplishments one should be ...
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By Sean Gilliam, Real Estate on the Front Range
(LoKation Real Estate)
Metropolitan Districts, also known as metro districts or metro tax districts, have become an integral part of local new construction communities in recent years. Here in Northern Colorado, homes are being built in or reside in these districts and they have important implications for home buyers. I’ll share with you the purpose and definition of a metro district per the Colorado Revised Statute, some research completed on the implications for homeowners, pros and cons and finally some due diligence you can do to see if living in a Metro District is a good fit for you.  
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By Phyllis Ross, Realtor Central Kansas Residential Sales
(eXp Realty LLC Salina Group)
  Are you prepping to buy your first home? If so, one of the steps you should take early on is making sure you’re financially ready for your purchase. Here are just a few of the financial fundamentals you’ll need to focus on as you set out to buy a home. Build Your Credit Your credit is one element that helps determine which home loan you’ll qualify for. It also impacts your mortgage interest rate. While there are many factors that go into your mortgage application, a higher credit score could lead to a lower monthly payment in the long run. So how do you make sure your credit is in the best shape possible when it’s time to buy? A recent article from NerdWallet lists a few tips you can use as you work to build and strengthen your credit. They include: Tracking your credit and disputing...
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By Joseph Melara, Palm Springs Region Community Guide
(Residential Brokers)
Palm Springs Region Community GuideJoseph Melara is the Managing Broker at Residential Brokers, our mission is to organize local community information and make it universally accessible and useful to home buyers and sellers in the Palm Springs, CA Region.Native to the Greater Palm Springs Region, Joseph has been involved in real estate since 2007. Joseph's interest in real estate started at a young age, totally immersing himself in all things real estate, including real estate investment. Four years into his career, Joseph received his broker's license, and mortgage loan originator endorsement (NMLS), opened his first brokerage and sold hundreds of properties throughout Southern California (Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, and Los Angeles counties).Joseph passionately believes in pr...
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By Christine Kim, Real estate agent serving Los Angeles' Westside
Trousdale Estates, CA Homes for Sale | History of Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, CATrousdale Estates is a neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. It is one of the most exclusive residential areas in the state, boasting lush homes and beautiful views. But what makes Trousdale Estates so special? Its history! Let’s take a look at how this luxurious area became what it is today.Trousdale Estates was established by Paul Trousdale, an entrepreneur and real estate developer from Tennessee who moved to Los Angeles in 1952 with his wife Anna May. He quickly saw potential for profit in Los Angeles due to its rapidly growing population and lack of housing options, so he began buying up parcels of land around the hills north of Sunset Boulevard – eventually amassing some 1,200 acres stretc...
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By Christian Halas, Tax, Insurance, Investment Specialist
(Halas Consulting)
I perform tax prep and planning, as well as IRS and state civil tax representation for Pittsburgh and vicinity, as well as the rest of the Commonwealth of PA. The time is now to make your last-minute tax moves for 2022. Not a whole lot can be done after December 31st. 1. Prepay rent using IRS Safe Harbor RulesThe tax rules allow you pay up to 12 months in expenses in advance without challenge, adjustment or change by the IRSExample: Your rent is $3000 per month and you would like a $36,000 (or less) deduction for 2022, so on Friday December 30th you mail a check your landlord for up to $36,000. He receives the money on Tuesday January 3rd. You deduct the up to $36,000 in rent in 2022, the year you paid it. He claims it in 2023 the year he receives it. You get a tax deduction in 2022, an...
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By PAUL KAPLAN, Coachella Valley Local Real Estate Experts
(Bennion Deville Homes)
Rimcrest Development Cascading down the hillside below John Lautner's Bob Hope House, Rimcrest is a mid-century modern enclave built in 1967, located on nearly 12 acres of the Southridge hill.  Each of the 51 units are approximately 1600 square feet and offer two bedroom and 2 baths.  The open floor plans include walls of glass to take in the valley views, plus a spacious outdoor deck.  This is the only hillside development in Palm Springs and features some of the most spectacular views in Palm Springs. The beauty of hillside living is reflected in a view from Rimcrest, unique development clustered in the foothills of Palm Springs.   Search for Homes
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By Marcus Anderson, Mortgage Broker & Agent | Westside Los Angeles, CA
Is it better to go through a mortgage broker or direct to a bank?A mortgage broker is an intermediary between you and the lender. Their job is to find you the best deal. They have a selection of hundreds of different lenders.A bank can only show you what they have to offer. A mortgage broker can show you what that bank has to offer, as well as all of the other options available to you and your needs. Their knowledge of your specific situation and goals combined with their abundance of resources enables them to find the perfect deal for you.A mortgage broker’s pre-approval letter can mean the difference between having your offer accepted or losing out to another potential buyer. This is because listing agents are familiar with a bank’s bureaucracy, which causes them to be slower. But, mo...
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