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Sometimes, it can be scary to write your first blog post! Luckily, the supportive community of ActiveRain is just the place to start.

On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Scott Talkov, Real Estate Attorney and Broker in Riverside
(Talkov Law)
Comments 6
Beginning February 19, 2020, the Bankruptcy Code has special provisions for a Chapter 11 proceeding filed by a “small business debtor” as a result of the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (SBRA). A small business debtor is defined as a person or entity who: (1) is engaged in business or o...

By Connie Ly, #1 Real Estate IDX Websites, CRM, Dialer & Text
(Ascend Lead Sites)
Comments 6
Choosing the Most Effective CRM for Real Estate Professionals If you’re in real estate you know how important every contact, lead, client and relationship is to your success and the only way to keep track of them all is with a very effective real estate CRM. This in depth article will explain wha...

By Steve Keighery
(Home Buyer Louisiana)
Comments 8
We bought this 160 year uptown property in New Orleans. The way we bought this isn’t typical and it has a very personal backstory. The house is in great condition, the owners did a gut renovation about 5 years ago. They had been AirBnBing and renting it out as they lived in Chicago. The burden of...

By Greg and Cynthia Brock, 30 Years in the Real Estate Industry
(Remax Tropical Sands)
Comments 8
Selling real estate in the Southwest Florida area including Sarasota, Bradenton & Venice. We have over 29 years of real estate experience and work hard to help you in your real estate transaction.

By Neel Midha, Knowledgeable and fun loving Real Estate Agent
(Midha Realty)
Comments 11
As you are probably aware the more you think about a subject the more signs you see about it. As different parts of Atlanta are seeing a rejuvenation which has resulted in increasing house prices, such as areas around the Beltline, people are trying to find the next area to invest in. I have had ...

By Robert Van Rhijn, An expert in condos and lofts in Toronto
(Slate Realty Inc. and Strata)
Comments 5
Growing concern about the effects of climate change has many home buyers looking for eco-friendly options, whether that be energy efficient features or climate friendly policies. Climate Change remains politically divisive but for condo developers it’s become a mandatory consideration and in some...

By Bonna Hughes, Financial education for women
Comments 6
After purchasing our first home in 2017, my husband and I immediately went back into debt payoff mode. Prior to purchasing our home, we had become completely debt-free-- eliminating nearly $50,000 in debt in about 6 months. Though we knew that purchasing our first home would put us back into debt...

By Josh voyles
(Keller Williams)
Comments 8
Looking to get your home sold fast!  Contact me for a free market analysis and presentation of how we get you sold the first weekend on the market!   

By Nina Czapiewski, Certified Home Stager serving Washington County
Comments 10
The reason I joined active rain was, so people get to know me and my business Also I love meeting new people and reading blog posts. I look forward to being on active rain and writing some post about home staging. How I got into home staging was In California, After working all day I decided to t...

By Heidi Owens, Real Estate Agent in Training
(Agent Professor )
Comments 0
I am in the beginning of my training to become a real estate professional.  What I have learned so far I have found very intersting.  One of the activities in my course is to write a blog.  What?  I have never done that (or wanted to).  But it is part of the course, so I will give it a try.  The ...

By Gabiel Bridge, Commercial real estate
Comments 7
Art has become an integral part of the Miami luxury lifestyle. Exhibitions, art shows, and gatherings are no longer a rarity, but a norm for rich residents. Besides, they are also looking for exclusive opportunities to enjoy art at home, so property management companies are striving to meet their...

By Katelyn Langthorn, God First, Others Second, Self Third
(TM5 Properties)
Comments 11
 1503 N San Jacinto St., Conroe, TX 77301$165,000MLS# 930418523 Bed | 2 bath | 1408 sf Call Katie Langthorn at 832-937-7637 to see if this property is still available & arrange your private showing. You will love the original hardwood floors and all the space for entertaining, including the priva...

By Jessica Gonzalez, Phone Chargers for Real estate Agents
(Incharged-Cell Phone Charging Stations)
Comments 4
Are you trying hard to be on top of the game when it comes to event marketing? If you are, you are not the only one. Event marketing is one of the hottest professions of this day and age. Every event marketer tries hard to make sure that their event is a success greater than there ever has been.H...

By Jackie Hebdon, Taking an online Real Estate class.
Comments 7
It has been many years since I did blogging.  I am currently taking a real estate licensing class and this is part of my learning process.  I have been learning about the Code of Ethics.  For me, it is just plain common sense, but I can see that the False Advertising code could get a little trick...

By Sherry Cromar
Comments 0
In my training of Real Estate, so far I have learned the most about the different types of agencys. I had no idea that there were so many different types. and that you had to be so up front about the type of relationship you would be having with the client. It makes a lot of sence now that I have...

By Kurt Uhlir, Real Estate Marketing Coach & Speaker
(Showcase IDX)
Comments 8
While WordPress is by far the best website platform available, mistakes are commonly made when setting it up. This guide will walk you through the most common mistakes made when setting up a real estate website using WordPress and how to fix them.Whether you’re a real estate agent, the marketer f...

By The Residential to Commercial Academy Inc., Commercial real estate online course.
(The Residential to Commercial Academy Inc.)
Comments 7
Working as a residential real estate agent is a rewarding and fruitful career, but what happens when you want to keep growing? Fact is, no matter how dedicated you are, residential deals can only bring so much money per transaction. Geographic areas and the housing market can really limit you, bu...

By Jennifer Kropf, Home and Lifestyle blogger
Comments 14
We love our home, but not for the reasons you would think. You see, we don't love the inside. The layout, weird closets, and small garage all made us pause.  Yet, it's our dream home. We love it for the lifestyle design. In that, it makes our lives better. You see, when choosing our house, we con...

By Mary Whitaker
Comments 11
Just looked out the window and it is snowing outside! After living in Florida for 11 years the snow is a lovely and fun experience. Not always, but today I'm enjoying the dancing snowflakes outside my windows.Would this be a day you would choose to work at home? I LOVE the snow fall; driving on t...

By Dawn Magee, Find Me, Find Your Property
(Royal LePage Atlantic)
Comments 9
Canada is a land of diversity. Diversity not only in the land itself,  but in cultures, economy and lifestyle.  Canada offers something for everyone. Rural settings, oceanfront, cosmopolitan cities, cottage country, mountain ranges- you name it, Canada has some place to suit your idea of home.  N...