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On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Smallwood Renovations, home improvement products and services in Richmond
(Smallwood Renovations)
Comments 1
Home improvement is one of the biggest investments you can make, and it vital to do your research and compare to ensure that you hire a competent, quality contractor, that you can trust. Smallwood Renovations is a name you can rely upon when you are looking for best companies for home improvement.

By David Borshell, The best Entrepreneur in Los Angeles, CA
Comments 8
David Borshell | When you look back in past few years, you will realize that streaming has grown enormously in 2018. And will continue to expand this year and beyond. In fact, streaming has become the primary revenue driver for both the music and the video says David Borshell. And fundamentally s...

By suzain katric
(Home Safety)
Comments 7
The home is a safe sanctuary so it should be a comfortable place but that does not mean that it should not be a beautiful place as well. You should make sure that your house is a balance between great aesthetics and comfort. If you want to have a gorgeous house then you need to make sure that you...

By Marie Klatsky, Award-Winning Realtor® in Central Jersey
Comments 12
Before you wake up to find that Spring has sprung, you would be wise to plan ahead for Spring cleaning. If you are like most people, you want to start off the Spring with a fresh and sparking house, but struggle to clean during the murkiness of Winter. Not this year! Follow these 5 steps to get a...

By Mary Cox, Real Estate Student
(Agent Professor)
Comments 9
I had an odd experience when selling my father's home. The Real Estate Agent's broker wanted to bring by a couple to look at the home before we had it ready to sell. We wanted to do the basics before listing the home (i.e. clean, paint, yardwork and repairs). Anyway the broker brought by the coup...

By EASY SOLUTIONS for CREDIT REPAIR, Best Credit Repair Agency In The Valley!
(Easy Solutions For Credit)
Comments 0
Easy Solutions Financial Credit Services is for customers seeking professional yet affordable professional credit restoration services. We’ve helped hundreds of clients, deleted thousands of questionable derogatory items, and removed millions of inaccurate debt credit reports.

By Daniel Kuzbiel, Homeowners Insurance Expert
(Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers LLC)
Comments 9
After purchasing a house, we very quickly develop a very strong emotional connection to the place we now call “home”. We spend time planning, organizing and decorating the place, making it our sanctuary, a place where we surround ourselves with our most cherished possessions and create new, unfor...

By Anna Anguiano, Realtor, REO Specialist, Short Sale Cert
(Century21 MM and Associates)
Comments 10
Anyone thinking of buying into Landvoice your money will be better spent on another program. Nothing but bogus information, waste of money. I gave it a try and day after day wrong or misleading information. I called their customer service no answer no return calls. Very disappointed.

By Darren Johnson, Real Estate Leads, Ad Management and Referrals
Comments 6
Who is Running Facebook Lead ADs?Lead Ads, for those of you who don't know, are ads where if somewhere clicks LEARN MORE it shoots over their Name,Email,Phone BEFORE they go to your Website or Landing Page. What Ads work best for you? I attached a screenshot of one working me. teac...

By Jennifer Maker, Home blogger with DIY projects & crafts
Comments 7
I visited my local "re-use" center here in Ann Arbor recently, on the search for old shutters. Why? Well, I had an idea on how I could use shutters to create paper storage for my home. And I went as far as to buy some shutters from a big box home improvement store. But when I got home and opened ...

By Kaydn Jensen, Active Real Estate Investor in Utah County
(N/A )
Comments 5
Who wouldn't want double commission on in a Real Estate transaction? I certainly would but it might not be as easy as it sounds. To be able to 2x your payday, you must represent both the seller as the listing agent and the buyer. Doing so requires special consent, however, from both parties. Ther...

By Nathaniel Montgomery, Digital Marketing Pro in Northern California
(Ideal Positions)
Comments 31
If you're feeling the need to wax nostalgic and find out when you joined this fine community, here's a quick and easy method to do just that.  1.) Copy and paste the following into Google:  "your name here" "joined" "activerain" "roster" 2.) Change "your name here" to your name on ActiveRain. Mak...

By Linda Whiter
(Oregon's Finest)
Comments 9
Winter’s hit us with its last hurrah, leaving slush to freeze into a commuter’s dream during the night. It’s late for us to get this cold (usually just lots of rain), but the sun will soon eat away the last of winter’s doldrums. It’s time to prepare for the sun’s return! With the tasks life thro...

By Amee James, We are providing best services to our customers
Comments 6
while you face technical system faults with your Arris router your work stops immediately you get stuck in between a fewvital work and this creates lack of work. You need immediate solutions in such situations. Right here comes our Arris Technical  and tech support number for your help without d...

By alby john, I am a professional web designer
Comments 7
There are 5 simple steps to make a small business website.1.Choose and Register Your Small Business Website’s Domain Name: Decide what name you will give your website.       Tips for Finding Business Website Domains Domain names are important for search engines, like Google. Domain names should b...

By Kamyar Zargari
(Triumph Luxury Homes)
Comments 8
In the past decades, you will rarely find smart home security and access to home features with just a simple touch. But today, many homes—especially luxury ones—will not be complete without them because they provide convenience, security, and comfort which are necessary for the growing demand of ...

By laura davis, fix and flip
(triple b homs )
Comments 5
There's a great book that covers this topic, as well as a lot more about Walt Disney World's creation:  Project Future: The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World.  According to author Chad Denver Emerson, Disney worked extraordinarily hard to maintain secrecy, including hiring a Miami ...

By Dorothy Mitchell, Writer and real estate agent
Comments 0
Running a small business can become very tedious very quickly, especially if you don’t have all the funds you need to hire an expansive staff and get all the equipment to make your work more convenient. Many entrepreneurs have made massive success from their small businesses though, turning them ...

By Ryland Taniguchi, Build Authentic Digital Relationships
(The Ryco Group)
Comments 12
Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn can be extremely addicting and suck hours of your time. On the other hand, outsourcing your social media can be a huge mistake. Does anyone really want to see non-authentic generic posts from a 3rd party? So, what you need to do is get more intentional, strategic ...

By Brandon Grass, Team Lead-Residence Real Estate Group
(Residence Real Estate Group)
Comments 10
Ten ways to attract Buyer interestIn today’s highly competitive real estate market, the key to selling your home is being able to attract buyers to your listing.  When you’re selling your home, it’s important to remember that you’re in competition with every other similarly priced listing in your...