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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Alex Anderson, Technically I Am A Broker At Real State
Comments 8
Professional advertising for real estate photography is very expensive. I spend about $3000 per a month to receive the first orders. If you are only thinking of becoming a real estate photographer and do not have enough money, these 3 strategies for expanding your business with minimal investment...
When I was child I was a mirror that reflects everything that I see. A child follows everything of their parents and does like them then he is like mirror that sees and instantly reflects the action without any thinking. This is the work of mirror to reflect everything near you that the child doe...

By David Smith, Residential and Commercial Broker
(Brokers Guild Classic)
Comments 15
On a recent transaction representing the Buyer, I re-learned the age old truth, never ASSUME anything!  Details slightly altered to maintain confidentiality and to protect the relatively innocent: In this case, the Seller decided to leave a very large, partially attached to the wall White Elephan...

By Kate Supino, Bios & Marketing Services for Real Estate Pros
Comments 8
A real estate agent's bio can be a powerful marketing tool when it’s well written. The real estate agent's bio influences a prospect’s decision as to whether they contact you or whether they keep looking for an agent.  Unfortunately, many real estate agent bios are just a laundry list of certific...

By Kodama Koi Farm, High Quality Japanese Nishikigoi (koi fish)
(Kodama Koi Farm)
Comments 5
 Koi ponds add tremendous value to a home, both emotionally and financially.   These long-lived, peaceful creatures create a tranquil experience that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. For a more in-depth look, we have a longer guide about tips for caring for your koi in winter.  Here...

By Joseph Zimmer, Tax Advice You Can Trust
(Tax Houston, LLC)
Comments 8
On January 18th the IRS Issued its final regulations for the New Tax Law's Qualified Business Deduction QBI. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act TCJA is quite complicated and the QBI even more. So, I spent the weekend reading the final installment of the QBI regulations. The bottom line is that the IRS wil...

By Peter Hoang, Peter Hoang - founder at RENTAPARTMENT agency
Comments 7
Asian countries are fostering stronger integration as well as trade ties amongst one another at a time when Europe is dealing with uncertainties surrounding the EU and a breakaway of one of its key trading partner, the UK, according to Peter Hoang, global chief investment officer, Savills Investm...

By Edward Eng, 2 Easy is a platform where businesses find and hir
Comments 4
Digitalization is a must in the today business world. You can't win your competitors if you are unable to fully embrace this trend. These are some of the business operation software trends you should focus on in 2019.A. User experience (UX)As the online world matures, most of the functional softw...

By Rachel Kennerly, CPA, CPA specializing in IRS Tax Resolution.
(Rachel Kennerly, CPA)
Comments 4
In my practice we frequently help taxpayers in Lufkin or cities around East Texas who have gotten behind on their federal income tax liability and are in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) .  If you find yourself in that same situation it's helpful to understand how the IRS collect...

By Dan Bliven, MLO-78391, Your Future Is My Focus
(loanDepot NMLS# 174457)
Comments 9
As the news portrayed the last quarter of 2018, interest rates went up considerably.The good news is Interest Rates have improved! Rates have gone down to match the lows of this last July which were the best of the year.This is a great time to buy, with the market correction we had recently homes...

By Dale Thies & Sheila Wilson, Realtors® - Douglas Elliman Real Estate
(Douglas Elliman Real Estate)
Comments 1
Generally speaking, when you need an inventory of your personal belongings, it is too late to make one.  Sure, you can reconstruct it but undoubtedly, you'll forget things and that can cost you money when filing your insurance claim.Most homeowner's policies have a certain amount of coverage for ...

By Tom Mangan, Exclusive Insurance Leads
Comments 3
High Quality Commercial Insurance Leads with Pre-Verified Hotkey data’s and high conversion compliance. High quality streams with best Pre-Proven manifesto for best Agents

By David Fonseca, I specialize in residential real estate.
(Real People Realty)
Comments 25
      In the early 1980's you could already sense the neighborhood was changing. We noticed people selling homes in the late 70's, the new owners spending a ton of money to fix them up.  I can even remember my parents saying, "they're taking a big chance moving here. Do they really think their ho...

By Big Kahuna Tiki Huts, Tiki Huts, Tiki Bars, Florida
(Big Kahuna Tiki Huts)
Comments 5
Big Kahuna Tiki Huts can answer any questions you have about your very own custom hut. Visit for more pictures and information. We have been featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and also offer custom tiki huts and bars for businesses. Call 1-877-249-4038 for more details.

By Cara Palmer, I manage my rental properties in WV
(Cara Palmer Blog)
Comments 15
My husband and I had set our sights on becoming landlords since we had both been through divorces and we felt like owning investment property was the only way we could catch up financially. Less than a year after the purchase of our first investment property, we put 20% percent down on another Ca...

By Xu Zheng
Comments 6
A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one more other parties (person or group of persons). Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money for another person.

By Michael Faurest, Real estate investor and rental property manager
(FairSquare House Buyers)
Comments 14
Hello,I was requested to write my first hear a goes.  I have been a real estate investor for over 10 years but have shifted in to overdrive in the past 2 years.  I heard about this site and thought "seems like a great way to connect with other people passionate about real estate."  Whe...

By David Roy Griffin, Best in Class Marketing Real Estate Listing agent.
(Real Estate III)
Comments 6
We run the property through a formula that gives us a Maximum Allowable Offer based on cash flow rather than After Repair Value. This formula assumes that the landlord/buyer will borrow 100% of the purchase price AND repair costs from a private lender at 5% interest, and it's a more complex math ...

By Mimi Ho, Retired Educator
Comments 230
  When the new year arrives many people likely more than a few in the Hayfield Farm neighborhood of Alexandria Va. make plans to sell their homes. Most decide to wait for spring but is that necessary or even the best thing for them to do? There are many advantages to making the move in the winte...

By Joe Smith, We are a full service foundation restoration comp!
(Foundations First Northwest, LLC)
Comments 9
There are many symptoms to a foundation issue.  To name a few-unlevel floors, cracks in the foundation, windows and doors that dont function properly, cracks in sheet rock, cracked tiles, wood floor seams seperating, etc, etc.  How do you know what is just bad craftmenship and what is a foundatio...