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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

When it comes to selling your bungalow, most of the job is done by experts. They evaluate your property, market it accordingly, and do the necessary paperwork. But it wouldn’t hurt if you familiarize yourself with some related terminologies to pace up the selling process.Knowing the real estate world's language will make you a strong competitor and make the realtor realize that you’re not a layman, rather a serious home seller.To help you in this regard, we’ve created a list of some important terminologies helping you list your home in the bungalow for sale listings.Market TypesA balanced market is a marketplace with equal supply and demand for houses, or in other words, the number of home sellers equals the number of home buyers. That helps in managing the prices of real estate at a st...
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By Matthew Smithson, Matt Smithson
(The Smithson Group)
So, how have you been managing your real estate transactions lately? Not so great, eh? It’s understandable. Whether a deal involves commercial or residential property, it can turn out to be a complicated endeavor for various reasons. The mountains of paperwork, the involvement of the third party, and the enormous amounts of capital add confusion and frustration to the real estate transaction process. You can use pen and paper or spreadsheets saved on unique devices, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t make any mistakes. Handling property transactions is a full-time job as you have to manage the participants, schedule tasks for each of them, aid communication, and, most importantly, finalize the process within the time period. There are so many things to take care of that you inevit...
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By Tyler Palo, Sales Agent Licensed in Utah and New York
In today's increasingly cynical world, it seems consumers are often wary of falling victim to false advertisement.  However, businesses have almost taken this wariness as permission to meet that expectation of insincerity.  Every item you see in stores  is the "highest rated", or the "newest technology", or provides "unbeatable results", all in an effort to increase sales.  In reality, these claims can't all be true.In real estate, though discouraged, one can often see similar marketing strategies.  Not every house can have "unbeatable views", every appliance isn't "state of the art", nor is every neighborhood "charming".  Sometimes all those statements can be true; often they are at least slight hyperbole to increase sales.In addition to real estate, I come from the world of Musical Th...
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By Nathan Korownyk, We Buy Edmonton Houses FAST and for a FAIR price.
(Sunrise Home Buyers)
   Time is our most precious commodity. Be sure to factor that in when selling your home in Edmonton.   At SUNRISE HOME BUYERS we specialize in helping homeowners learn the different methods that can be used to sell a house in Edmonton In this post, we will help you learn more about how to sell your house FAST, without any waiting or delays in Edmonton!   Do you need to sell your house right away? What many homeowners don’t know is that the selling process DOES NOT have to be long and drawn out. In fact, the entire process can be completed in a matter of days when you work with SUNRISE HOME BUYERS to sell your Edmonton house! If you have found yourself in a situation in which you feel the pinch to sell your house quickly, we are here to lend assistance. Keep reading to get the informati...
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By Rodney Downs, Making your dreams a realty.
(Infinite Real Estate Group)
In brosing the blog posts here I noticed a post about Unauthorized Consideration. Some knew the term. Some had never heard it. For those unfamiliar with the term:Paying or offering to pay valuable consideration, as defined by the commission, to a person not licensed, except that valuable consideration may be shared as follows:- With a principal broker of another jurisdiction.- As provided under: Title 16, Chapter 10a, Utah Revised Business Corporation Act; Title 16, Chapter 11, Professional Corporation Act; or Title 48, Chapter 2c, Utah Revised Limited Liability Company Act, or Title 48, Chapter 3a, Utah Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.When a person, not a licensed agent, might give you a referral. If this happens, you will need to remember not to give or even offer them a...
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A swimming pool is undoubtedly an investment. Once you have built your house, and there is enough space in the yard. Check your bank balance. If it seems affordable, then what is the point in not investing in smart profitable luxuries?  Are Swimming Pools Really an Investment?Trust me, renovating and upgrading a house can be the first step to financial stability in the future. Suppose a rich person wants to buy a house. He has two options. A home with no pool, and the other with a beautifully renovated pool. What do you think he will buy? Yeah, you guessed it right. The house with the pool will be a priority in this case.To make your dream pool a profitable investment, you need to plan. Chalk out a budget, cut the splurges. Contact the builders directly, avoid the middleman. There is a ...
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By DE Brown
Setting Up Your Home Budget: What Can I Afford?When it comes to setting up your home budget you may want to talk to a finance advisor. If you do not have the time or ability to discuss your budget with a professional then you need to use the basic rule of thumb with savings versus income. Wherever you decide to move and whatever you decide to buy or rent, you should always have a minimum of 20% of your income available to save for emergencies. If you are purchasing a home the lender will give you a set amount that you are pre approved for. You will need to take into consideration that this amount is strictly for the price of the home, it does not include taxes or special assessments that some home owners associations may charge. Make sure you are comfortable with your mortgage payment b...
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By Sunrise REVA - Real Estate VAs, Real Estate VA Services for the entire US
(Sunrise Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services)
With the ongoing pandemic, so many have had to become a teacher to keep their kids on track throughout the school year. Online learning seems to almost be a part of the "norm" right now, and we know that potentially could be hurting how you are getting things done with your business. We're all virtual - but we can be a very integral part of your business.Real Estate Virtual Assistants can help you with many aspects of running your business. Some of the things we can assist with are below. If you do not see a way we can assist you listed, please don't hestitate to reach out and ask. Entering listings into your MLS as well as marketing them online Create brochures, postcards, newsletters Market open houses Clean up and/or maintain your database Create email marketing blasts Transaction Co...
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By Juliet Womack, Blogger & graduate student
It’s been almost two years since my boyfriend and I have moved into our first apartment. We moved out in May 2019 (I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology in December 2018), and I’ve got to say, maintaining a healthy relationship is a lot easier than maintaining an apartment. And I hope that it stays that way. In this post, I will be talking about the 3 biggest lessons I have learned living in my first apartment after college graduation. How I knew it was time to move in with my boyfriend Prior to moving in with my boyfriend, I lived with two girls who went to college with me. And it was awful.  Always loud and messy. And that was simply not my style as an introvert. However, I knew I couldn’t move back in with my parents.  Living with my parents, as much as I loved them, has always made...
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By Kyle Floyd, Your professional key locator !
(Sage Street Realty)
Updated townhome is available now! Great location. The grounds of Creekbend townhomes feature access to 2 pools, a tennis court, gate access to a walking trail in Richland College. 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths and 2 carports with private patio. The Master bedroom downstairs with two bedrooms upstairs. Updated kitchen with granite countertops. Clean and ready to move in! Let's get you and your family moved in!  Click here for more details and pictures
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By Phillip Syrios, Investor and Property Manager
We broke down how to deescalate conflicts with tenants; whether it be over rent, late fees, moveouts, maintenance, etc. This skill is essential to staying sane in the property management business.  We're both partners in Stewardship Investments, LLC, which owns just shy of 500 units in the Kansas City metro area.   This video can be found here and please to subscribe to our Youtube channel.  
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I am excited to have found Active Rain.  I can share my thoughts on here.I help Realtors in Las Vegas, NV with their Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation.I have been in Digital Marketing now 18 years.My husband builds custom homes for Blue Heron - he loves working there.  We have 3 boys 21, 18, and 16 and 3 dogs.We love living in Henderson.Looking forward to connecting with others on  
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By Mary Bahe, Specializing in the Sun City Georgetown, TX area
(Rugg Realty LLC)
$249,900Sometimes life throws us a curveball! Owner’s plan changed and this property is available again & better than ever. Brand new HVAC system fresh paint throughout, new window coverings, new ceiling fans, carpets cleaned & tile floors steam cleaned. Move in ready. Inspection report available, survey provided, & ready for immediate occupancy. For and in-person or virutal tour contact me today before it's gone!  Click here for more property details
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By megan clark
(Real estate )
    As many Of you may know, there are so many different principals of real estate, as well as different types of agensts. Some of you may not know the differences between them.                    Lets start off with the different types of agents. The first one is a Special agent which can also be defined as a specific agent. Being a special agent represents one client in only one transaction. This is the most common Agent in the real estate world. This type of agent is tasked with finding a ready, willing and motivated buyer or seller. After those tasks are completed the agency is terminated. General Agent represents a client in sveral transactions. Univeral agent is another type of a general agent that has power of attorney to represent and act on the clients behalf. Now lets talk abo...
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By Amy Maiello, single family residential and vacation properties
(The Amy Group Powered by Exp Realty)
GUIDE TO BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME Adulting can be a really difficult thing, but we all start somewhere. Perhaps for you, it started as an afterthought while sitting in your apartment or at your parent’s home, and you have an epiphany! “Hey, why am I paying someone else’s mortgage?” Now you’re on to thoughts of, oh man, what do I do now? Fear not, we are here to guide you to the American dream of home ownership from epiphany to handing you the keys to your new home.  DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST AND START 3 TO 6 MONTHS OUT: You’ll want to at least be employed at the same place for a year or more but two is better. If you had to change employment through no fault of your own within less than a year, at least be in the same profession as the last employer. It makes underwriters (the people who run...
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By New Horizon Home Buyers, Cash Home Buyer In TN, GA, AL, & LA
(New Horizon Home Buyers)
In case you haven't heard, the city of Syracuse passed an ordinance that bans landlords who are not in compliance with the city's Rental Registry from carrying out evictions.  So what exactly is a Rent Registry and how will this affect landlords, espcially if more cities begin to pass similar ordinances?   What is a rental registry and how does it work?   A rental registry requires owners of rental property to submit contact information and sometimes a registration fee for each rental property they own.  Specific regulations differ from city to city.  In most cities in the United States that have a rent registry, it is used by the local government to be able to effectively enforce property standards and city code ordinances.  One of the main purposes for the rental registry is to collec...
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            Forming an offshore company today is easier than ever. Many countries are advertising themselves as havens for those that seek fast banking services, low taxes, and a good business climate to work in. Various types of companies can be formed in various offshore destinations. Most of the companies that are formed offshore have similar characteristics to the corporations in the US. Limited Liability Company and International Business Company are also popular forms of companies that are formed in offshore destinations. If you want to form an Offshore Company, a good thing to do is to visit the Offshorecorptalk forum, where you can read and discuss many different things regarding the formation of offshore companies.Who Should Consider Establishing An Offshore Company            ...
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By Dakota Sandberg
Though sometimes debated by serial rule-breakers, rules are good, needed, and made for our best interests. Rules, guidelines, policies, terms, whatever the name, are written to help us achieve greatness, be honest, have integrity and be considerate of others.  The Real Estate industry has a seemingly endless list of rules, agreements, policies, and duties. As a new student, they are overwhelming to learn! But, I am finding that they are really made to guide me to be the best agent I can be for my clients. I can build a reputation as an honest rule-follower and gain the trust of people looking to buy or sell their precious homes. If we can change our perspective to see that rules aren't restrictions, but are there to serve us and make us better, we can blossom in the real estate industry...
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By Farva Jafri, IRS representation services for NY, NJ, CT
(Jafri Law Firm)
 If you currently own or manage a small business, you’ve probably experienced an extremely high demand or you’re preparing for the worst – to be shuttered by law for a few weeks or longer.  In either case, your business needs a whopping dose of resilience right now. Here are four steps to safeguard your business and discover where you need to build resiliency.  1 – Protect Your Employees  The most important thing to do is to protect your employees. OSHA demands that we give them a safe working environment, and the definition of this just changed! If possible, make it mandatory for workers to work at home, and if not, get your workers protective gear and make sure your workplace is cleaned constantly.  There are brand new laws regarding sick leave; you will need to learn them and incorpo...
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By Resorts Gal, Writer and Realtor
Do Real Estate agents ever retire?  This is something I noticed pretty early on in my real estate career.  It's something I've even asked myself over and over. Is it the drive to make the next sale that lives inside most of us?  Or the fact that we are always so busy making most of us poor financial planners?  Maybe we are just nice people and we can't say no when a friend or family member needs our expert help.  Whatever it is, I accepted a long time ago that I would probably never retire from real estate. Not fully anyway. But somewhere in the middle, I found something else I enjoyed doing, and that was writing.  And the funny thing is I didn't start writing about real estate. That seemed boring.  I actually started writing about my favorite vacation destination.  Which has lead to ma...
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