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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Steve Connolly, the Rockin Broker
(steve connolly realty)
The price of homes in recent days has gone through the roof in Reno NV and the surrounding areas.  Investors are having a hard time finding anything reasonable to flip.  I happen to have a listing over 2000 sq ft that needs updating in Silver Springs and priced to sell at 159k sitting on .70 acre with all utilities there--ready to move into.  Its a MF home with a stick built.  There is nothing lower in Reno, Carson City or even in Silver Springs this big for that price.  You may check and see  Call me if interested  3609 Atkins, Silver Springs, NV 89429  I also have a duplex priced to sell in Hawthorne NV at 742 D St at only 49k  thanks
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By Virtuance Real Estate Marketing, Nationwide photography/3D tour provider
Real estate agents in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia (and let's be honest, agents across the country) are up against some tough competition. To be successful in the real estate industry, you need a strong social media presence and great marketing skills. When you start to increase your social media presence by encouraging engagement on your posts, you will generate more traffic and leads to your real estate website. If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement, take a look at the contest and giveaway ideas listed below. At the bottom of this article, we listed a number of different prizes you can use for your social media contests. We've put together 4 social media contest ideas for real estate agents to generate leads.  Ask your audience to comment with a personal...
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By Linda Peltz, It's The Sold That Counts
(eXp Realty)
There are a lot of choices you've got to choose from a new home. From location, cost or several factors that may affect the unit value. You’ll be forced to understand many things that you haven't heard before. One among the foremost ones: what type of home do you wish for? Which one will I prefer in Townhouse vs Condo ? If you’re not into a single-family home, you may consider the option of Townhouse vs Condo. Both options have similar square measure and quite a few variations. Deciding which suits your real estate needs may need a further analysis and understanding the pros and cons of each of the unit. Here’s to kickstart our knowledge about Townhouse vs Condo, especially Townhouse Fresno for your ideal home;Basic of CondoA condominium is designed pretty similarly to a flat or an apar...
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By Mercedes Hodge
Dishonesty is a pretty quick way to lose your license because of the resulting consequences. Many of the other ways to lose your license fall under dishonesty. For example, false affiliation is a result of dishonesty. You must always be associated with a broker. If you lie and tell a client that you are associated with a broker when you aren't, you can get in trouble.Dishonesty also can ruin your reputation. There is a lot of networking that goes into the real estate business. If you are dishonest and practicing poorly, that reputation will follow you. Clients will not recommend you to their friends once it's time for them to find a house because you weren't honest with them. It truly has the potential to ruin your business.
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By Aura Alex, Need A TC? Virtual TC Services Nationwide
(CloseMyDeal, LLC)
Before writing was invented, humans shared stories orally.  Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and others told their stories and created myths and legends through drawing, painting, and poetry spanning thousands of years and several cultural milestones of human history.In modern days, we listened to our ancestors telling their stories and learned about history through many forms of communication.  A love of stories is encoded into our DNA.  Stories matter to us on a deep, emotional level. As a business owner, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, your story matters. Tell that story to your employees, investors, customers, and potential clients.  Keep them listening.  Consider why to tell your story.Create and Strengthen RelationshipsInternet-savvy consumers don't just want to "buy stuff" f...
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By Erin Harper, REALTOR®
(Erin Harper Homes Compass Real Estate)
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By TU LE, Real Estate Marketing Specialist
Getting new leads is hard. Converting them into customers is 10 times harder.  The truth is, your buyer and seller lead, more often than not, needs at least 3-5 touchpoints in order to take action. It's the same for sales - 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups  Most of the time real estate agents give up too early, and it's easy to understand why there have been so many times they can schedule a meeting but eventually can't make any sales. In this article, you’re going to discover the proven way to follow up your real estate prospects after a meeting and close the deals without being sales-y or obnoxious. But before we go to the meat and potatoes of this article, you've got to know…  1) Why you can't close the deals As a real estate agent, your role is nothing different from a salesperson....
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By Jigar Shah, Product Manager (Prop-Tech) at Houzeo Corp.
(Houzeo Corp.)
With COVID-19, real estate professionals across the board experienced unprecedented shocks. Showings came to a standstill, open houses couldn’t be hosted or advertised, and buyer creditworthiness dipped with unemployment peaking to record levels. 2007-2009 housing crisis was fresh in people’s minds, so the general consensus for the housing market was rather dire. Real estate agent incomes were decimated, home builders sat on half-developed projects. Banks were obviously writing off Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans, but they weren’t very optimistic about residential real estate either.No one predicted the strong housing market that followed in the wake of the lockdowns. But although the strong housing market is back, how we do things are vastly different from the pre-pandemic era. The ...
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By Frank Procopio, Procopio Real Estate Buy or Sell in CNY
(Procopio Real Estate )
With a genuine passion for Central New York and a dedication to my clients success, I help to guide them through every step of the buying and selling process, taking a patient and enthusiastic approach to every transaction. There is nothing more exciting than helping my clients find their dream home and moving on to the next phase in their lives. I bring integrity, professionalism, and a personal nature. I understand the value of making sure every client feels comfortable and safe placing their real estate needs in the hands of an agent who cares. With my background in various trades, I can also provide insight to the home and process of building, renovating, and mechanical functions. Offering services in all areas of real estate, I have the experience and the training to guide you thr...
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By Cheryl Crocitto, Live where you LOVE! Love where you LIVE!
(Keller Williams Village Square)
Listing DetailsMixed Use for Sale, Prospect Park, NJPrice: $299,000 Taxes $7000Square Footage: 1800 Call Cheryl Crocitto 201-341-5770 to see if this property is still available and arrange a showing. You Will Love the Multiple Uses of This PropertyMixed use Building for sale ! Located in primarily a residential area with schools, stores and shopping close by.  Borders Bergen County and close to major highways. Can be used as apartments / residence. Zoning is B-C Community Business: retail sales and personal services Professional executive administrative Restaurants Institutional Theatre Apartments  Financial institutions Funeral homes Recreational facility commercial or private Child-care center Contact me to see ! Great opportunity!!Don't have a use for one of the above ??  Then call m...
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By Surprise Arizona Realtor Brandon Coulston, Surprise AZ Real Estate & The Phoenix West Valley
(Paramount Valley Realty - HomeSmart)
Over the next year or two what is more likely to happen is home prices will continue to rise, but at a much slower pace. Most of the bidding wars will simmer down, and the insane offers over asking price will eventually come down.That said that doesn’t housing mean prices will return to their pre-pandemic 2020 levels. Listing prices are expected to continue rising to meet sale prices, but the overall annual increases should not be as brutal.The only way you would see housing prices significantly change would be if the mortgage rates shot up pretty substantially along with a lot of homes flooding the market. Record-low mortgage rates have allowed current buyers to purchase much more expensive homes all while keeping their monthly payments within their budgets. As the lending rates rise, ...
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By Rajbir Athwal, Your IRS Tax Representative
(Tax Raj Solutions LLC)
I represent taxpayers in Boulder, CO and Denver, CO Metropolitan, CO who have issues with unpaid taxes  and outstanding tax liabilities, back taxes and wage garnishments. The majority of taxpayers filed their 2020 tax returns on or before May 17, 2020. For taxpayers who requested an extra six months to file their 2020 tax return, a deadline to file your tax return is fast approaching. As a reminder, Friday, October 15, 2021 is the extension deadline for most taxpayers. Taxpayers who owe taxes, even those who did not request an extension, and who have yet to file their 2020 tax return can generally avoid additional penalties and interest by filing the return as soon as possible and paying any balance due.Taxpayers should keep the following things in mind regarding the extension deadline ...
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By Jacob Coleman, Content creator of a real estate career blog
Real estate is one of the most competitive industries. In order to stand out, realtors and agents must have a professional website. Some people assume that it’s not necessary, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you have an established client base doesn’t mean you don’t need your own presence on the web! Real estate agents should have a website because it helps generate quality leads, create compelling branding and engage with prospective clients. In fact, it has become a standard, and customers expect to find their real estate agents online. According to the 2020 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, 93% of all buyers used online websites as information sources in their home search. More details can be found in the post:
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By Elizabeth Leanza, "Helping Your Dreams Come Home"
(Elizabeth Leanza Realty One Group - Realtor)
The Importance of Professional Real Estate PhotographyProfessional real estate photography is an excellent way to stand out among other agents. Real estate photos, when taken by a professional photographer, can significantly help sell listings faster and at higher prices for the agent. With so many properties on market each day it's important that you give potential homebuyers a good first impression with appealing pictures of your listing online so it will stand out in a sea of listings. Professional real estate photography is guaranteed to grab the attention of buyers and generate an emotional response. using lighting, angles, and other tricks to capture each home's unique beauty so that it appeals more directly towards potential buyers. When it comes to real estate photography for re...
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By Aaron Mears, Real Estate Analyst and Writer
(House Stories)
If you are considering selling your home, chances are you will be looking for top dollar out of the deal. While there are many things one can do to help the sale process, there are also a handful of things you will want to avoid as well.  Here are 5 mistakes you will want to steer clear of when selling your home.Mistake # 1: Letting Your Emotions Run The ShowThe biggest mistake you can make is to let your emotions get in the way of good judgment when it comes to selling your dream home. The moment that you begin losing sight of practicality and reason because of an attachment to an item or a memory, it will be time to re-evaluate your strategy so as not to miss out on opportunities that might come. It's okay if you are sad about leaving a place behind, but don't lose sight of your ultim...
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By Scott Garrison, Top ORLANDO AREA Realtor…this Realtor WORKS!
(Re/Max Town & Country Realty)
Central Florida Home Prices Can't Go Straight Up Forever… …But this isn't a bubble!       Home prices in the Orlando Area and all across the United States are climbing at the fastest pace in history, eclipsing even the boom in the days leading up to the Great Recession. Bidding wars have become common, many are forced to pay all cash and some bids are coming in $1 million over asking.      It's all sparking fears that the United States is in the middle of another housing bubble that will end in a terrible crash. Industry executives and economists agree this explosion in home values is unsustainable, as home prices can't go up 20% year-over-year forever.      Yet today's housing market is very different from the mid-2000s bubble that wrecked the economy.       Unlike then, there is curre...
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By Jim Blackburn, Best Mortgage Loan Officer Fort Lauderdale FL
(CrossCountry Mortgage)
Many real estate agents whom I meet at events in and around the Fort Lauderdale, FL area often ask me "What does it take to become a top mortgage loan officer in the United States?" The truth is anybody can do it. Not everybody will. It's extremely difficult at first and like anything gets easier with practice.  Alot of people don't understand what's do difficult about quoting a rate. But if that's all that a mortgage loan officer was doing, then you would call him a banker. In most cases, a banker only has its own bank's products to quote VS a mortgage loan officer has it's both its own products as a direct lender as well as the products of a hundred other banks who may have more competitive offerings for niche situations. Bottom line is, with so many products to learn, it takes many y...
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By Tony Langford, The compass for your journey to financial success!
(Polaris Accounting & Tax LLC)
IRS resolution cases are on the rise now that the IRS has resumed most compliance operations since being suspended (April 1st-July 15 2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the People First Initiative.The automated lien and levy programs have been idle since April 2020; however, with the improvements in economic activity and progress in controlling the pandemic, the IRS plans to return to its normal collection processes later this summer. For taxpayers who have had a change in circumstances, now would be an ideal time to consider a payment plan or an Offer-in-Compromise. Polaris Accounting & Tax can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. If you have a tax issue, or know someone who does, please contact my business at (865) 312-6238.How we can help: We can consult with you to assess your...
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By Robert Wallace, I help Land Owners who need to sell land quickly!
(Vacant Land Solutions)
Land Buyer-Ready to Purchase Today!I have been ready to buy for several weeks, with no luck. I understand that demand is high and inventory is low. Here is what I am searching for….Minimum of 2 acres but up to 20 acres acceptable.Acreage can have mix of pasture, timber, row crop, but must have at least 2 acres of tillable soil for a small garden operation.Within 60 minutes of Charleston in any direction.Can have an existing older house although not a requirement.Sheds/Outbuildings are an added bonus.Ponds/Creek would be another bonus, but no floodplains.Utilities on site or reasonably close/available.If you have a property that checks a few of these boxes please reach out to me!I appreciate you,Robert Wallace843-564-8438 
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