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Founded: 12/06/2010

ActiveRain Monthly Masterminds Shaping the future, creating the solutions through diplomacy and think-tank technology Here's how it works: ActiveRain members will have the ability to assemble their own MasterMind groups, but here are the requirements: 1. The groups shall me comprised of 6 ActiveRain members 2. At least 3 of the members MUST have RainMaker status. 3. At least one of the 6 members MUST be a new member to ActiveRain that any member of your group has recruited after the 7th of the month your group was formed. 4. There can not be more than one member from the same city in each group 5. Each month on the 15th, the ActiveRain Masterminds will be given a topic come up with a solution for. These topics will include issues which your group will be proposing a solution for, or "outside the box" ways of generating more business in our industry. 6. There will be an independent panel of judges who will score each groups solutions on practicality and creativity 7. Each month there will be a winning group based on the judges scores 8. The winning group's members for that month will receive 1,250 bonus points each 9. All other groups for the month will receive 500 bonus points for each member 10. Each group will post ONE blog that month, on the last day of the month with their solution to the topic. It is MANDATORY that each member of the group provide a comment on the group's post as to how they came up with the solution, where the idea came from, why they feel it will work, etc 11. Each member of each group must become a member of the ActiveRain MasterMinds group. 12. The captain of each group will be responsible for posting a link of your group's blog post to the monthly Master post. You can register individually here: http://activerain.com/groups/ActiveRainMasterMinds You must put your groups of 6 MasterMinds together yourselves. There are no individual sign-ups. The captain of each group will provide me, no later than the 10th of each month, both the names and usernames of each of their 6 members, but also a name for their group.


Ralph Gorgoglione

Real Estate Broker/Owner