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"Branding" in the Rain

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Founded: 07/05/2008

Welcome to "Branding in the Rain". The purpose of this group is to brand yourself within the Active Rain Community as well as Localism. Here you can expect to find tutorials, tips and tricks on how to market yourself within the Active Rain Platform. Active Rain - The only website you will ever need. With the extensive marketing and advertising Active Rain does for each and everyone of us this group will teach you how to utilize your Active Rain profile as a branding source for yourself and "creating your very own one page website". Grab the all new Active Rain Outside Blog and complete your " Road to Success" by branding yourself , new profile etc . Localism complete : Complete with Localism Active Rain can be your greatest source for google juice. With all the tools you need in front of you Active Rain branding is within your reach ! What should be included within the group : Active Rain tutorials, how to do's on Active Rain How to brand yourself on Active Rain Active Rain Success Stories What works for you on Active Rain How to make your profile look like a website... How to utilize Active Rain to it's fullest extent... Adding Keywords, Tag Words... And of course anything Active Rain related including how to market and advertise, how to get the most from branding yourself in the rain...etc Keep it clean, NO jokes, No profanity Listings are not permitted UNLESS you have found a great new source for marketing and advertising your listings ( just a simple listing promoting your property with no description of how to do it will be deleted ) Let's get creative, have fun and brand ourselves in the rain !


Melissa Grant

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