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Chicagoland and Northern Illinois Real Estate

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This group has been created to give agents from anywhere in the US, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia a chance to get to know the Midwest and the larger Chicagoland area (and we will include all of Illinois, Indiana, Wisonsin, Michigan and other surrounding areas) and furthermore to find an agent who covers this particular area .... As a 30+ year resident of the NorthShore the area to the NOrth of the city of Chicago, I not only know the city of Chicag very well, but also all of the Western, NorthWestern and Northern suburbs up to the Wisconsin border and I am quite familiar with most areas of Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Any questions, any clients relocating to or from this area will be in good hands with me. But first things first, any agent from the larger area of the Midwest, join and share with us, not only area information, areas that are changing and expanding, great areas for people to retire to, especially interesting areas for family with young children and school children to move to because of the available activities - join and let us know about them. So let's share regional information, but also marketing and advertising ideas for this particular region. I hope to have many of you join, since I do not see a very active Chicagoland Midwest area input on active rain.... So let's go let's share let's refer and let's get this group and business blooming. Your ChicagoConnection Edith


Edith Karoline Jasser

Real Estate Agent