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Hello, I’m Rick, Rick McCullough, Alert Home Services in Arvada Colorado 303-464-7026 Your Friendly Home Inspector Inspecting Along the Front Range and the Denver Metro area. I have been reading lots of Blogs here and decided to open up a Tips Blogs where I plan on writing about simple and easy items Sellers can fix before the Home Inspector shows up and for the Buyers to realize that everything on a Inspection Report won’t cost lots of $$$ to fix, repair or replace. And you don’t ALWAYS NEED a Licensed or Certified Tradesman to do these simple fixes. Most corrections a GOOD Handyman can do at much less cost to everyone. Hopefully this will make the Buyer and Seller Real Estate Transactions to flow easier. Figure it will be GOOD LUCK to start this on such a infamous day. Friday the 13th Please feel free to email me and ask about anything you may feel I might be of help with. Depending on requests please be patient as it may take a few days to get back to you. It is the start of my busiest season. Thank You and please Subscribe to: Tips And Advise From a FRIENDLY HOME INSPECTOR


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