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Songs have a way of painting pictures in your mind, mental images that are uniquely your own. Often times a song or lyric will inspire other thoughts. If you are a blogger, it is likely that just a few words can create inspiration for a blog topic. Since there is a virtually endless supply of songs, there is also a virtually endless supply of inspiration for new blogs, which is specifically why this group was created. Music is something that many people are passionate about, and this group will provide a great outlet for those that are truly INSPIRED BY SONG! This group was founded, and will be moderated by Jason Crouch, Paul Slaybaugh and me. The three of us have all written music-related posts in the past, and hope that others will join us in doing the same going forward. The rule of INSPIRED BY SONG is quite simple, and it would be greatly appreciated if everyone follows them so that we don’t have to spend a lot of time deleting posts from the group. ALL POSTS MUST BE MUSIC-RELATED! Moderators: Long Island Realtor - Adam Waldman, Realtor Austin Real Estate - Jason Crouch, Broker Scottsdale AZ Real Estate - Paul Slaybaugh, Realtor


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