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As most Keller Williams agents know, we have a culture, that is unlike any other real estate company. That is why we have opened this group to everybody and encourage agents from other companies to participate. The goal of this group is to express your positive success stories, network, find out what is working for other agents. Get involved and help each other ACHIEVE MORE as a group! Lets not all talk about "HOW BAD THE MARKET IS" but how much more opportunity there is for all of the hard working agents. There will be no negative talk in this group! Lets all achieve more and work together! Keller Williams Culture: - Win Win: or no deal - Integrity: do the right thing - Commitment: in all things - Communication: seek first to understand - Creativity: ideas before results - Customers: always come first - Teamwork: TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! - Trust: starts with honesty - Success: results through people