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Since I have lived in the Chicagoland area for over 30 years and know not only the city of Chicago but also the Northern and Northwestern suburbs very well, but I am particularly familiar with the NorthShore..... I would like all Realtors and active rain members to contribute to this group with information about life, the housing market, special events in their state. New exciting construction projects. Great places for buying a weekend or second home. Wonderful little towns or big ones to retire in. Family living par excellence! Anything and Everything that my highly valued active rain members can think up will be highly appreciated and sharing of that kind of information will make us as Professionals more valuable to our clientele. I hope to hear from many of you from all over the MIDWEST, which as you all know is a grrrrrrt place to live! So let's all get to know it much better. Thanks for joining and participating! And anyone who has any questions concerning certain areas, or Realtor related questions feel free to add those to the group - no problem! Edith - Active Rain's "Chicago Connection"


Edith Karoline

Real Estate Agent