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Welcome to the world of inspiration and motivation. If you are like me, I am sure you enjoy reading short inspirational stories, motivational quotes, and inspirational poems. I actually start my day with an inspirational quote every day. The purpose of reading Inspirational Quotes and Stories are to change our perspective of hope and optimism in our lives and keep having hopes and faith. Everyone at certain times needs to read or hear touching words such as a motivational story, and or an inspirational poem/quote. If we don’t make some effort to read stories, quotes, and poems that inspire us we can easily get sucked into the negativity that is created in our world by many people in different ways. Just as we need food and oxygen for our bodies, we need nourishments for our minds and souls that comes from positive people around us or inspirational and motivational sayings and words in a form of a story, quotes or poems that could lift us up and makes us feel better. In this group I will post daily a short and famous inspirational stories or motivational quotes , touching words, poems, or even a good inspiring pictures, and motivating posters. Please share any inspirational and or motivational quotes, stories, or sayings you may have. Quotes and Sayings always inspired and motivated me since I was very young and till this day they are my daily boosters... ;-) One of my favorite quote is.. "Everything happens for a reason, it's always a bigger and greater reason." Hosai Nasir Mobile: (510) 366-1460 Fax: (408) 996-0560 Email: hosai@c21mm.com Website: http://www.c21mm.com DRE# 01330809 "I Am Your Realtor, Welcome Home!"


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