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Random Thoughts - I Think I Can I think I Can! The Power of Positive Thinking and Action - Turn - I Think I Can I think I Can! into I Knew I Could I Knew I Could I recently read a very good post that spoke about Self-Efficacy, a term used in psychology, roughly corresponding to a person's belief in their own competence. How to go from "I think I can" to "I know I can" by Michelle Gielan a journalist and wellness expert It brought to mind the story about the Little Engine That Could, and the song by Burl Ives. It reminded me that having a positive outlook is good for one both personally and professionally. It also made me wonder how much of the current market situation in many areas, that are continuing to be depressed, is because of the amount of negative press we as agents put out. Perhaps it is time to stop posting the bad news and find that little spark of good news and fan the flame Lets Be The Little Engine That Could Post your good news Stories to the Recovery Train Group


Kathy Clulow

Real Estate Sales Representative